29 August, 2012

Finally Framed

Just thought I would add these finished and framed pieces. I hung them in the kitchen, and so love looking at them. I've been in a bit of a slump stitchy wise as of late~having started a new piece but NOT really content with it. On Tuesday, I had my whole collection of Paula Vaughan leaflets, books and kits out, thinking I might just find something here....NOT. :-( I'm driving myself crazy. LOL I've been going through kits of all sorts and I can't even find anything there that I MUST stitch on. Hope I can overcome this slump~I'm wasting away precious stitching time for petes sake! Hope your all enjoying your summer. Kids will be back to school next week. The Triplets started Head Start K4 today. I know their loving that. I'm really hoping mommy will share some photo's later, it's been two months since I saw the little beauties via pictures.
Have a great day, Sharon

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