16 October, 2011

Love This Time of Year

Autumn is here to stay, I believe. We're just coming off of about a week and a half-two weeks of beautiful Summer like temps~in the mid 70's, and above our norm of about 60* for this time of year. It was nice while it lasted, but I truly do love my Fall weather. Cooler days and even a bit more crisp overnight. Can't forget to mention the beauty of all the autumn colors too. Typically I try to get out and get photos of all the gorgeous tree's, but as of yet, haven't made it and I'm hoping that I won't be too late. I thought about going today but it was just too windy, I'm not so sure the photo's would of turned out as well as I'd of liked. Tomorrow will be much of the same, so I'm going to aim for Monday.

I purchased a new digital camera recently and "we" are still getting aquainted with one another. LOL There's a lot to learn with this DSLR with detachable lenses as well as programs and settings. But, I'm reading and playing, reading and playing, somemore. There are so many great Forum's available so I've been reading those too, and have found some great information. But now the tricky part of remembering everything kicks in. LOL

We did head to the Lake, as to get some shots there, one of my favorite places for taking pictures. Here are a few I snapped. I used a filter on the lense, but I'm not sure it was perfect for the situation.


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