01 July, 2011

Are You A Fan Of Summer?

Wow, we have sure been spoiled by such a nicely extended Spring, this year. I've been loving every single moment of it too. However, today is going to be quite the turn-a-bout as we're going to hit the triple digits! It's not the first time we've seen such heat as there have been a few 90 degree days already, and of course, I didn't appreciate them. Hah Hah! The older I get, the more I dread the dog days of summer and the heart of winter. Give me a nice cool spring day or a crisp fall kind of day, and I'm very content. I haven't done so yet, but before too much more of the day sets in, I will be turning the AC on. Ahhhhhh, won't that feel so good!

I received some current photo's of the triplet Granddaughters last night. My gosh, they are just getting sooooo big. I can't help but to always smile from ear to ear whenerver I see pictures of them. I've already heated up the printer this morning, and got my favorites ready to display on the front of the fridge. This is not always an easy task because I have the front of the fridge/sides of the fridge loaded down with photos of the girls...and whenever I want to put something new up, I have to struggle with myself deciding WHAT to take down. I think I need a couple more refridgerator's sitting in my kitchen and quite possibly, that might just solve the problem. Hah Hah Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of photos with you, and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I am.




Now, aren't they just adorable? They where eatting some popsicle's last night so their little tongues had changed color's. I remember when my girls did this, and even when I was a kid and did the samething via a popsicle or a sucker. Too cute.

I've sure been wrapped up in cable tv and the Casey Anthony trial this past month, a little longer. Anyone else watching it? I had followed the story every since it began three years ago so there was no way I was going to miss this. The defense finished up yesterday and today the state does their rebuttle, and then just maybe, the jury gets the case on saturday. Wow, can't believe it's nearly to an end already. I just hope in the end, there is justice for Caylee!!! I have my opinon's on whether or not her mom is guilty, but will keep those to myself. :-)

It's amazing just how much stitching I've been able to get accomplished, sitting in front of the tv day and night. Hah Hah I'll get some pictures later of what I'm working on, and share. I haven't managed to finish any projects this year yet...but thats because before I can finish one, I've got another one started! Hmmmmph, it's no wonder nothing is getting done! However, I am hoping to keep goin on the piece that I'm working on now, until it's finished. I want this one done, framed and hanging!

Have a great day, and Holiday weekend. And thank you for stopping by.


P.S.~I'm back! Two post in ONE day! Sabrina and I went outside for a little bit, and I had my camera in hand. You just never know what you'll find of interst, that you've just got to get that shot. I basically found flower's. My Rose bush and some of the neighbor's pretty flowers. Since I had the camera in hand, coming back into the house, I snapped a few cross stitch pictures. The first picture is what I'm woring on at the present time, I believe it's called HomeLand? It comes from a kit~but I switched out the fabric to 28 count, and I'm stitching it two over two.

Celtic Summer

Not sure what this one is called, off hand. I just need to finish the bottom row of the alphabet and then it's done.

So sorry these are not ironed but I just wanted to get the pictures taken. Hah Hah Thanks for looking.

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  1. These are all so pretty. I can't wait to see an update.