13 February, 2011

I Found My Way

back “home” to my Blog!  And, I’m most happy to be here, especially after playing and changing things around a wee bit.  What FUN. 

Where ever do I even begin now to catch you up on this past year???  Well, I can happily say that I’ve still been keeping up with my stitching projects.  However, I’m not putting in quite the amount of time that I used to…once upon a time BEFORE Face Book, that is.  LOL  I’ve become so addicted to a handful of games over there and I do spend a good portion of my day’s playing them.  At one point, I had decided too quit the game playing, COLD TURKEY.  But, the withdrawal’s set in after about the second day and then I was right back at it again.  LOL  I’m hopeless, I know! 

We’ve gotten a new family member, she has four paw’s, a nice long tail and lot’s of fur.  Her name is Sabrina, and she was just 10 weeks old when we brought her home.  Sabrina is a mix of Blood Hound and Beagle and on the 20th of this month, she turn’s a year old already!  WOW!  I can remember saying that I couldn’t wait for this day to come as that puppy business is just too too much to take!!!  LOL  I swore that after I trained puppy Bailey, that I was NEVER ever going to do that again.   Oh how wrong I was about that.  As it turns out, Sabrina has turned into the perfect little lady doggy.  So it was worth everything we had to go through, to get her trained and all.  Despite all the mischief she ever got into, the things that got ruined and so on. She definitely was 100% puppy!  She’s a sweetie now.


Bailey went to Rainbow Bridge on May 1, 2010.  It was so very hard having to say good-bye to him, but it was the absolute BEST thing we could of ever done for him.  He was just sooooo sick, having lost weight, his appetite just wasn’t there and, I had to follow him around with the water bowl just to be sure he was at least getting some water in himself and wouldn’t dehydrate. To make things easier for him, I’d pick him up to take him in and out, just so he wouldn’t have to tackle the steps.  Any other time, he would of made short work of romping up and down to go outside.  This all lasted a week to a few days longer than that.  And that is when we knew that it was time.  Bailey was 10 year’s old, but somehow we feel that he should of lived a little longer than that.  We loved him, and he is deeply missed. 

I really didn’t want to get another dog…but DH said that we needed another dog.  Hmmmmmph!  So every time Sabrina does something sassy, like rip the rain gutter off the back of the house, or chew up DH’s winter coat…I just remind him of how we needed another dog!  LOL 

The Triplet Granddaughter’s are doing so fantastic. (I’ve put some current pictures of them in my side bar).  They just turned 3 earlier this month.  My heart so breaks that we can’t live closer to them so that we could get to know them and them us…but, it wasn’t meant to be, So I will continue to enjoy all pictures that mommy of Triplet shares with us, and for the time’s that I get to chatter with each one over the phone.  They are just adorable and I love them so very much. 

Well, I just  wanted to break the ice here, and now that I have, I’ll be back again much sooner this next time.  I want to snap some pictures of what I’ve been stitching on and then I’ll share those.  Believe you me, it isn’t going to be much though.

Enjoy your Sunday,


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  1. Good to see you back. Your grand daughters have grown !
    Yes Face book games are addictive.... I play a few myself!