15 January, 2010

Some Snow~And A Nice Warm-Up

This truely has been one of the BEST Winter's I can remember. Sure, it's been beyond cold, but hey, throw a sweater on, while in the house and that will help to take care of those shiver's or chill's, right? Some cozy slipper's on the feet, and a nice cup of steaming coffee. Or even a big pot of Chili cookin' on the stove. This does not sound like a bad Winter's day at all. I'd rather put up with the cold as I can always find way's to warm up...it's the SNOW I dread most. This Winter we have not seen much Snow at all! How unusal for us. The largest snowfall thus far was a week ago. It dumped eight inches upon us. Sounds like a lot, huh? It really wasn't. It was the light and fluffy variety and that made shoveling it a whole lot nicer. Yes, my back still ached by the time I was done, but it was better by the next day. And now, believe it or not...we're having our January thaw! Our overnight low's are typically what our daytime highs would be. And daytime high's are close to 40*! No complaint's. Nope, none at all, from me. Winter always seem's to hang in there forever, and even though our's has been such a mild one, I can easily say that I'm anxious for Spring to arrive. It's never too early for Spring, is it?

I thought I would share a few photo's I had taken last week while at the Lake, the day before our huge snowstorm moved in. It was so pretty there.

Here are some snow pictures. I didn't take too many as it was so blustery, I couldn't stand outside too long...in my sweater. LOL

Where ever you are, what ever you're doing, I hope you are having some beautiful weather, and a most fantastic day.

Happy New Year,


  1. I am in western NY and we have had quit a bit of snow and below average in temps. Very cold winter.

  2. Those pics make me go "BRRRR"! We just had a very cold snap and lots of snow, which I loved! I'm in VA and at 6:20pm, it is now 52 degrees. It was 62 yesterday! If you don't like the weather in VA, just wait a minute!

  3. Miss you, hope you start blogging again soon.