08 December, 2009

Slow Going -Stitching!

I seem to be crawling a long at a Turtle's pace these days when it comes to me, my needle, thread and stitching. I have no one to blame but me, myself and I though!!! I am seeming to spend wayyyyyyy too much time here at the computer, not doing anything of super importance, ohh nooo, not at all. Let me just tell you that I am addicted, addicted to Face Book and some of the games they offer on there! Oh gosh, for one who has never been a big fan of games, period...my cycle has changed. Hah Hah In between playing my FB games, I did finish Franken Flora. Woohooo! It needs to be framed yet and I do suppose that if I can pull myself away from FB just long enough, it will get done. Here are a few snap's of this finish:

I am very "proud" of me as rather than starting another NEW design, after wrapping FF up...I dug out a UFO and decided that I'd work to get this one done and THEN begin a new design. However, this UFO isn't going to finish up all too quickly as it's a larger Dimension's Gold Kit. I love the larger detailed types of pictures/designs though, so it's quite okay with me. This design is called "Bearing Gifts". I can not say when it was first started as I don't tend to keep track of all of that bit of info...I can say that it has been picked up a couple of times since it became a UFO though. The last time I worked on it was about this time, in 2007. As I took it a long with me to the Hospital, where a very pregnant Mommy of Triplet's was seeing her doctor, and I was driving her to those appointments. I just sat in the Hospital's lobby and stitched my merry self away while she underwent different tests and such. Here is where I am on this design:

Now to add some more recent pictures of our triplet granddaughter's...the love of my life.

In the photos of Lydia, you'll see one with a Ladybug perched upon her shoulder. Mommy of Triplets thought this was soooooo neat....and all because ever since the day Lydia was born, they had nick named her Lydi-bug. So sweet, isn't it?

It appears that WINTER is fast approaching our area, which of course I'm not super pleased about...but since there is nothing at all that I can do about it, I'll just grin and bear it. Hah Hah As it stands right now, we could very well see anywhere up to a foot of fresh white stuff, errr' SNOW!!! Gulp! Hope the ole' ticker holds out once I get outside to shovel whatever amount graces us. That first shoveling of a good snow fall always bother's me. Stay tuned for a few photo's of this monster storm heading our way.

In the meantime, I hope you all stay nice and warm while getting ready for the upcoming Holiday. Lots of busyness going on, I'm sure. I've yet to bring out any decorations or the tree. Soon.

Happy Holidays,


  1. Oh my! That Santa piece is gorgeous. I hope you're stitching that for me. LOL Just kidding. Your granddaughters are beautiful! ~ Dawn ~

  2. Sharon, your triplet granddaughters are adorable - (Lydi-bug, how cute is that). Both the FF and the Santa piece are beautiful. Had to laugh when I read about FB's games being so addictive and not having decorated for the holidays yet - Same here, my FB CafeWorld cafe is festive, just not my house. Take Care, Dianne

  3. Very nice stitching on everything. You tend to pick large pieces just like me.

    The girls are getting so big. I remember reading your blog when they were little. Such cute little girls.