07 November, 2009

Finally Framed and Progress

Well I made up my mind today that "Treasured Time" was going to get framed. It was pretty much the first thing on the agenda, and by golly, I got 'er done. Yuppie! I know most other's who've stitched this design have had it matted and framed, but since we don't have enormous wall space, I didn't need to go any larger than I did, with a mat, and then larger frame to accomidate it. Mr. Birdman and I are quite happy how it looks. And so as to be able to enjoy it "whenever", I decided to hang it in the kitchen. After all, that's probably where I spend the majority of my time. And enjoy, I will.

I've also a little progress on my Sam Sarah Design. I wish you could see it in person because it really is quite pretty, with the WDW fiber's, to which the camera doesn't pick up so well.

I hope your having a wonderful weekend~you'd never know that we're well into the month of November already, with the temp's we've been having of late. Today it reached 71*. WOW! We where able to get outside this week to "hopefully" mow the lawn one last time, this year, and to put the summery thing's away, and cut down the bushes that needed to be cut. We're all set for the Winter months ahead now. At least the yard is, as for myself~I'm never ready for Winter anymore. Hah Hah It just get's too darn COLD.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. Treasured Time looks wonderful! Congratulations!

    These funky pumpkins are awesome, Sharon! I love the bright colors.

    Last I checked before the sun went down it was 83 here. What on Earth? Strange weather, but I'm NOT complaining!

  2. Oh my! that's beautiful. I bet you're happy gal to have it up there. ~ Dawn ~

  3. Beautiful! I love your wall--it looks great. So does your WIP! ;)