31 October, 2009

Happy “Boo” Day


Here's to hoping you've had lot's of little ghost and goblin's knocking at your front door today. We where prephared for a whole Army of kids to come knockin' here, but I believe the half of them must be out in the field, training, instead, as they didn't show up here anyway! I can't say as I don't blame them though as it's really COLD and WINDY and DREARY out there. Brrrrrh, not fun for the little Princess whom is half dressed in her pretty pink costume. You just never know from year to year, how many kids will be out and about. This year wasn't the best. Regardless, we'll still be ready for that Army, next year.


The last time I made an entry here, I was either stitching on...or was about ready to start stitching on the kit "Antiques", a lovely kit by Bucilla. I found myself getting off to a fantastic start, worked the center of the picture, to the right and then to the left. And then, the reality of not having enough fabbie left, on the left side of the piece, to frame it...found that I wasn't centered at all. Huh? I never make that mistake, but...okay, I'll just find a piece of fabbie and start it over again. I double and triple checked to be sure that I was exactly in the center of the fabric before starting to stitch. Okay...lah lah lah...on my merry way to restarting this pattern again. What...what's wrong now....darn it all...I'm running out of fabric to the left side again!!! Now how in the heck did that happen??? I swear, I triple checked...I was not going to make that same mistake twice! But I did. I was so fit to be tied...and wanted to just CRY this time. I'd put quite a few hour's into both of these starts and whats this, I'm going to have to start it all over again? But WHY? I am one to never read through pattern's before I begin to stitch them...BIG MISTAKE....because if I had taken the time to do just that, I would of found that this printed pattern is not exactly centered between the arrow's! There is a portion of the pattern which was to be stitched off to the right side of the fabbie, once the main piece was all stitched. So the arrow's actually worked around that portion, so that everything was centered on the piece of fabric. Oh my oh my oh my!!!! Drat's, I should pay better attention, huh? I really wasn't in the mood to start this over again, just now...so it's tucked away until I feel ready and confident. In the meantime, I decided to work on a Fall design. But, which one? Welp, I decided on a pattern that I had bought probably ten year's ago. It was one of my first purchases after I went online and discovered a whole nother world of craft internet shop's. Hah Hah I've had the pattern, the fabric and the WDW fiber's all stashed away. Finally, it's getting around to being stitched. Woohooo! I'm not worried that it won't/isn't done in time to hang for this Autumn season we're in...nope, cuz when it's done, and framed...it will hang year round.

Here is the cover photo of the pattern, by Sam Sarah


You can’t see it very well, but my color fabric is yellow



frankenflora progress2 progress 10-31-09three

I just love this pattern~I believe it was the color’s that stold my heart. 

Here is a photo of the reminants of Autumn.  These where taken the other day, when there was still some leaf’s on the tree’s.  I’m sure their much more bare today after the gusty wind’s of Friday and again today.

last of the leafs fall 2009

And of course, a more current photo of our little sweethearts.

girls-new house2 10-09

Piper, Macie and Lydia

They are getting so big, arn’t they?  It’s hard to believe that in a few short months, they’ll be two year’s old already.  Mommy and Daddy just bought a new home, and the girls look as if they might be peeking out the front door?  Just as soon as they’ve gotten their internet hookup, Mommy of Triplet’s says that she has lot’s of pictures to share.  I can’t wait to see those, and to see how the girls are enjoying their new home.

Have a wonderful weekend~I’ll be glued to the tv on Sunday watching the Packer’s/Viking’s game.  Should be quite interesting, to say the least. 



  1. Sorry you had problems with your project, but it happens to the best of us!!! Love the new one, look forward to watching you stitch it!!

  2. Sharon, the girls are ADORABLE !!!! Oh, gosh I so feel your frustration on your out of whack stitching. What is it that quilters say? "Measure twice, cut once!"?? Well, we need a saying too I think--"Read twice, stitch once!", lol. I think I may have done that at some point too. I have FrankenFlora and LOVE it - but haven't stitched it. Yours looks great-I love it!!