25 September, 2009

A Lovely Day

150 I hope you don't think that I've fallen off the face of the Earth...nope, I didn't, not at all. I've just been busy with this and busier with that. Hah Hah But ohhh, my Farm's are doing great at Face Book, as is my Aquarium. :-) I'm not so fond of my Zoo though so I barely spend any time there compared to the other's. Oh yes, my "wittle guy" is doing great too, not that I play or feed or tickle or bathe him everyday as I should though...shhhhhhh.....don't tell on me!!! I wouldn't want them to take my online PET away from me now. That of course, would make me sad. And, I don't need anymore sad in my life.

013 I've been plunging forward on my next stitchy piece, however there will be no progress picture at this point because to look at that, you'd never figure it out. LOL So instead, let me share the package photo with you and you'll

surely get a much better idea. This is a kit by Bucilla, produced in the mid 90's. I'm not sure whether I actually bought this at "Michael's" or if it was a win from E-Bay? I really do like it, and think it might make for a nice new addition to our kitchen, since I've got the Americana theme going on, in there. Hopefully I'll have a progress photo to share soon.

A week ago, we decided to head over to the Botanical Garden's and check out the flowering plants and such, before the growing season was over with for another year. As it was, we probably should of went sooner than we did. Drat's. Not to say that it still wasn't beautiful, it was...but I think we missed out on some gorgeous flowering plants. Last year we'd gone there in August, and next year, we'll be sure to go during then, rather than the middle of September, again, as we did this year. I thought I'd share some of those photo's with you...it really was such a lovely day there, so peaceful and just very relaxing, even though we walked a good deal, we also took our "breaks". :-) Us old folks just don't get good exercise anymore, so it doesn't take much to make us feel a wee bit winded. LOL I hope you enjoy the photo's...the first few are of a cute little gift shop, and a display case. Then, what the entrance to the building looks like from inside.


























If you're still here with me, thank you! I just love nature and all that it has to offer, I wish I could share even more photo's of what I took that day. But, you've probably rolled your eye's long ago and have had your fill. So, I won't. But let me forewarn you, since Autumn is upon us, I'll more than likely share some of those brilliant color's with you next. I'll be out and about scouting for those any day now. :-) We've got a lot of yellow's right now, some orange's and red's...but not nearly as much as what's to come yet. I can't wait because this is absolutely my most favorite time of year, and season.

I have just one more very, very special photo to share yet before I wrap this up. In this picture are finger-painting's from our darling Triplet Granddaughter's which arrived in the mail one day, not too long ago. I was so honestly thrilled to pieces to receive them, that I had to frame them and hang them immediately! And, each time that I look at my beautiful paintings, I can't help but to smile the biggest of ever smiles. I will cherish these forever and ever!!!!


Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you kindly for stopping by to visit. Until next time...


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  1. Great pics Sharon! Aren't those little ones just budding artists??!! How cute!