30 August, 2009

In The Home Stretch

You'd think that by now, I might just be finished with "A Treasured Time", right?  Well, I could be if I'd just stay away from the computer a little more often!  I went and signed up with "Face Book",  not only do I own a Farm there, I've also got myself a little Pet that needs to be Anabel-n-Flower played with, bathed and fed every time I visit FB.  I hunt down new sticker's for my "Box" and pin's to stick on my "Flair" board.  Not to mention, search for new friends to add, too.  Geesh, I stay busier at FB than I do in the whole house, all day~getting other things done!  Me ohhh My!  In all reality though, it's a lot of fun over at FB.  I guess one just need's to know their limitation's!  Hah Hah  Obviously, I don't! 

The "other" culprit biting into my stitching time, is a new photo editing software program I recently purchased.  Ohhh, it's waaaaaay fun!  It has several more difference's than the first program I'd bought about a year ago.  Now I search for, and also make my own tubes, preset's and backgrounds (tiles).  It's the tube's part of this program that I find most exciting.  Save's me a lot of time over searching for just the "right" element's now.  When our daughter was married a month ago, she asked that I put their photo album's together for them.  I digi scrapped close to 350 pictures to fill those up!  Wowser~that took me a good week and a half to do.  :-)  I found it to be loads of fun and in the end, she and her DH are real pleased with their wedding photo's.  That of course, makes me very glad and ohhhhh so very happy. 

Ready for an up-date on my WIP now???  Okay, I won't hold yah up any longer in the waiting department.  Like my subject line says, I'm definitely in the home stretch now.




I've been working hard and steady on the back-stitch, but also at filling in some of those missed or just plain ole naked area's.


It's truly a most beautiful design.

Thanks bunches, for taking a look.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. Hi there! I know FB can be so addicted. I play YoVille there & tried not to spend too much time online since I have 3 little ones. Mike play Mafia Wars & I can't even get him away from it. LOL

    It's beautiful!! You did amazing job. So close on getting it done!! ~ Dawn ~

  2. Oh Sharon! It looks so beautiful! What an endeavor and it sure has paid off!

  3. Oh my goodness, it looks simply gorgeous! IT is indeed a beautiful design! Love it!