19 July, 2009

Oh Yes, Looking Good Now

535297hb4tk234jg I've been dedicating a bit more time to this WIP, however, it's not quite finished yet.  Ohhhh, but it's getting that much more closer.  Woohooo!  :-)  One of these fine day's, you'll feel the Earth rumble~and that'll just be ME dancing because it's finally a wrap.  I don't know though who is more excited about this being finished, me or Mr. Birdman.  He just keeps admiring it right a long with me.



My Tiger Lilies have really opened up...like overnight!  There are loads of bud's waiting to open still.  I thought I'd snap a few pictures to share with you~the blooms won't last long...so take a good peek now while their shinning in all their glory. 




I had a little fella visit me while taking these pictures...


You can bet that I kept a "good eye" on him too


Isn't he lovely?  NOT!  LOL  So long as I didn't spook him, we where both fine.  Don't know what he was finding so interesting on that leaf though?

Have a most wonderful week, my friends.  Thank you bunches for visiting, and for your lovely comments.  I always appreciate those so much.



  1. Your granddaughters are beautiful!! I love the borders of rainbow fireflies. Congrats on getting it done. I love it!! ~ Dawn ~

  2. Isn't it great to get hubby's support for your craft. And he is right, it is a beautiful piece of needlework, your work on it is worth celebrating.

  3. It looks finished... there must be only small bits left to do... it's lovely.

  4. Oh your stitching is looking fantastic! Gorgeous progress!!! Beautiful pics of the Tiger Lillies!