17 June, 2009

Sum~Sum~Summer Time

010 It's not the Dog-Day's of Summer, but alas, and just the same, Summer kind of  weather has finally arrived in the Cheese head state.  Woohooo!  I am doing a Happy Dance, but definitely not exerting myself with too much happiness because as well as the heat...also come's the rain and the humidity.  Yucko!!!!!!  I had a good dose of sweat-id-ous (new word) this morning between washing floors and running the vacuum cleaner.  Hah Hah  And now I'm taking a well deserved breather. 

Well, daughter #2's Bridal Shower has come and gone.  It was wonderful.  Lot's of guests, lots of good food, and lots of fun that was had by all.  They have a wedding registry at one of the local stores, and where pretty elated when they received a lot of gifts from it.  Here is a shot of the happy couple.

111 - Copy - Copy

There was one game played, and it was played by the happy couple only.  It was a test, to see just how well they know each other...with multiple choice answer's.  For every answer they got wrong, they where given a large piece of bubble gum to chew.  The bride to be, ended up with eight pieces...and quite the mouthful...to the point of where she was literally gagging herself.  It was too funny.  Here's a shot of that...


The groom to be seem's to know a little bit more about his bride to be as he got by with only six pieces of bubble gum.  Lucky dog!  Hah Hah   I guess at that point, I was too busy doing video's of him, that I didn't get a shot of his mouthful.  Sorry.  I'd never seen this game played before so it was fun for us to watch, and just plain ole' cute.

While we where enjoying ourselves at the Shower, mommy of Triplets and family where having loads of fun in NC, in a nice big pool.  Here are the Triplets...

lydia in blue macie in pink


Mommy say's they really had a good time.  Love those blow-ups/rings they where sitting in.  Nice safety, for such little ones.

Again, I've been stitching my merry little heart away, but no progress picture to share yet.  Awh poohey.  But, I promise to have one soon.  Perhaps in my next entry.

I'll be off now to start our supper, and maybe sneak in a little nap before it's time to finish up the rest of that.  I hope you're all having a marvelous day, enjoying whatever it is that you're doing.

Thanks so much for stopping by.



  1. Cute pics Sharon! Gosh, I still have my bridal shower bouquet--seeing your daughter's just brought back all the memories!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, you're so kind! I love all of the stitching pictured in your blog header, you've accomplished quite a bit there!
    Your blog is just too cute, you're very talented!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the pics!