02 June, 2009

So, Where Is Summer?

Beach_Babies Has anyone seen "Summer"???  It's sure been missing here in my neck of the woods.  But really, I'm not going to complain because I love it when Spring hangs in there for a little while longer than usual.  I hate when we go from Winter to Summer, which has happened upon a time or two.  For the most part, we've only reached into the 50's for daytime highs and down into the 40's overnight.  Brrrrh!  You just wait and see, before too long, I'll be complaining just how HOT it is, and how I can't wait for Winter to get here.  Hah Hah  A viscous circle.

Keeping cool while working on my WIP, shouldn't be a problem at all.  I've been stitching snow and winter coats, frozen ponds, winter hats and scarf's...mittens too.  However, I've not stitched as much as I could of, so my progress is slow.  But just the same, here are a few shots of where I'm at now.





I am just loving the colors throughout this piece.  It's such a gorgeous picture.  And will hopefully be a beautiful finish.

Mr. Birdman and I have spent quite a few days at the Lake and a couple of our favorite Water Fall's.  Thanks to lot's of rain in May, the Lagoon was over flowing, therefore making one particular Fall's just absolutely stunning.  Here is a collage of it.

water fall2

On this very same day, we also visited the Botanical Gardens.  Life there is still underway~but just the same, we found lots of pretty flowers and such to gaze at.  We'll go back in the midst of Summer when the Gardens will be shinning in all their Glory.

botanical gardens2

As per usual, the Lilac's where too short lived this year.  But oh, they where so gorgeously lovely in their beauty and sweet scent.  Here are a few shots made into a collage from my bush.

lilacs 2009_Page000_Page000

Our darling and most adorable furry children surprised me with these stunning purple roses for Mother's Day.  I couldn't of loved them more...both the furry kids and the roses. 

mothers day roses2

Dear Bailey was due for his grooming.  For the first time, I asked if it where okay to take a photo of him while there?  The groomer, even though she doesn't look very thrilled in this photo, was a sweetheart and obliged.


bailey 5-11-09 grooming - Copy

On Memorial Day, we celebrated our youngest daughters 30th birthday.  Oh my oh my, it's very hard to believe our baby is this old already.  Where have all the years gone to??? 

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


It appears that we'll have a future wedding to attend~no date is planned yet, but the happy couple became engaged this past Saturday.  Here is her rock, I mean engagement ring...


And, the happy couple...


Congratulation's Tony and Melissa!

Thank you for visiting my Blog today.  I appreciate the comments left for me to read, so thank you kindly for those, too.  Have a most wonderful day.



  1. I am sorry us in AZ are keeping summer to ourselves.... I would gladly send all this heat to you....

    Congrats to the happy couple.

  2. Wow, congrats to that sweet couple...when is the wedding, date set yet?

    I admire your perseverence at getting this project finished, it is amazing and beautiful!

    Don't worry, your temps will be warming up, I would think soon. WE have already had 90's several days!!

  3. Your winter piece is looking fabulous. A lot going on with family and such, enjoy.

  4. Your stitching looks fab... great colours. Big congratulations to the happy couple.

  5. Your progress on your WIP is fantastic! You are doing an amazing job! The waterfalls are just stunning! I LOVE waterfalls!! Wonderful pics of everything! Happy late b-day to your beautiful daughter and Congrats to the Happy Couple!!!!

  6. Great pics Sharon! Your wip is beautiful! Here's to wishing warm weather finds you soon!

  7. Lovely stitching! Congratulations to the happy couple. :)