13 June, 2009

Pony Rides In The Park

Ohhhh, I just had to share these little beauties off a bit...a proud Grandma moment, I guess you could say.  Last weekend, Mommy of Triplets and family attended a free day at the park which was hosting activities for children 6 months through 12 year's of age.  There where animals to pet, and Pony rides for those who wanted one...or, whose mommies and daddies "thought" they might like one.  Tee Hee    Mommy of Triplets said that Macie was the only one who was a little scared, but it didn't really look like it took her too long to get over that.  Whew.  Piper had an expression as if to say "dad, you don't have to tell me, I know what I'm doing.  Okay"....according to mommy.  They all looked like they where having a lot of fun.  I scrapped a few of the girls, with different shots of the day.  And here are those pictures.

lydia daddy

macie daddy pony

mommy daddy and piper

I do hope you enjoyed looking at those.  Gosh, the triplets are getting so big, too fast! 

I have been stitching, and making some progress.  Slowly but surely anyway.  Maybe I'll have a progress photo to share, soonish.  I'm to the point  now where the top left/center portion of the design is about ready to meet up with what I've already stitched on the right top side. WhooHooo  I'm still loving stitching this one, so much.

Summer still hasn't really arrived here...but perhaps next week I'll be singing a different tune as we're finally going to see those daytime highs reach into the 70's, almost 80*!  That should make the "fan's of Summer", happy as can be.  Right now we're getting some drizzle-drops.  We do need that though, so no complaints from me.

I'll be busy pretty much all day on Saturday getting some  cooking and such done and ready for our daughter #2's Bridal shower, this weekend.  I spoke with her on Thursday and I believe she has that butterfly thing going on in her tummy.  The anticipation of waiting for the shower to get here, and still planning for the wedding which is just a little over a month away now.  All the jitter's that go a long with all of this.  Before she know's it, this will all be in the past and she'll be just fine again. 

Have a super wonderful weekend...doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing.  Even if it's nothing at all.  :-)  Thank you kindly for the lovely comments left on my last entry.  I so enjoy and appreciate those.



  1. Oh my goodness the triplets are getting so big! They are so gorgeous!! Looks like everyone had a great time, thanks for sharing!!

  2. They're beautiful. Time do fly, huh? LOL Glad they are enjoying their day with ponies.

  3. The girls are soooo cute and really getting big.

    Been having problems loading your blog. So that is the reason you have not received many comments.

    Waiting to see stitching pictures.