23 June, 2009

Hazy And Lazy

angel_022 The weatherman said on TV this morning that we're under a heat advisory, today.  Hmmmp, I guess that means the lawn ISN'T going to get mowed, again!  Drat's, cuz I was so looking forward to getting outside and mowing it.  NOT!  Hah Hah  Honestly, it really does need it, and I've my Privets and Forsythia bushes that definitely need a desperate trim job, too.  But, I refuse to go out in this heat, to do anything more than keep Bailey company when he needs to go outside.  To think, a few weeks ago I was wondering WHERE oh WHERE this type of weather was...now it's here...and I don't much care for it.  I am not a fan of heat and humidity.  Blah Blah Blah!!!  Waiting for Fall to arrive.  Tee Hee

My stitching has been poorly neglected the past couple of days.  Boo Hoo  I am hoping to make up for that this evening though, when I can sit down and make some headway again.  My WIP got a fresh "pressing" this morning, so that I could share my progress to date.  And this is where I am at...

progress 6-20-09

progress two

progress3 6-20-09

progress4 6-20-09

East and West are about ready to come together...just one little section to fill in now.  Then I'll need to go back and fill in those "a stitch here and a stitch there" area's that I missed or had just decided to put off stitching until "later".  And then finally will come all of the outline detail.  I am looking forward to that part, and watching this piece really come together.  What a difference the outline/backstitch detail will make.  As I've said before, this is such a beautiful design to stitch.

I do hope all of the dad's out there had a most wonderful Father's Day.  Mr. Birdman did receive call's from his darling daughter's, and I took him out for supper at his favorite sit down restaurant and then headed to the Lake, another favorite place of his to visit.  He was happy, and since this was HIS day, I was happy that he was happy.  Tee Hee  Here he is, enjoy a cuppa-cuppa before his dinner...




Sad as it is, it looks as if my peonies and roses are just about done blooming for the year.  Just like those gorgeously fragrant lilacs, they just never ever last long enough.  Boo Hoo Hoo  Here are what they looked like, in their prime...

peonies and roses 2009

Those peonies are always so fragrant...I can't help myself but to whiff away till my hearts content.  I'll need to be sure to get a few more whiff's in before their completely wasted. I just bet the neighbor's think I'm a little bit looney!  Nah, they probably bend over and whiff their pretties too.

Since the weather's turned as nice as it has, we've gone off to the Lake several times now.  As a matter of fact, we spent a good deal of time there on Monday.  It was beautiful.  We found a shaded spot and plunked ourselves down, and stayed there.  There was a nice cool breeze coming off the Lake...couldn't of been more perfect.  I could of stayed even longer than we did.  It was amazing just how many other's spent the day their sailing and fishing or just taking in the site's. 

093 - Copy

Sweet little Baby Geese




A couple of guy's literally "hanging" out.  Hah Hah  Never in a million year's, would you get me up there doing that!!!



Here come's the Lake Express



(notice the sailboats to the left)


Trying to get the best catch of the day


Overlooking the Lake~what a fantastic view they have

I do hope everyone is enjoying some beautiful weather, whether it be too hot or even a little nippy, make the best of it that you can, each and every single day. 



  1. Your winter scene looks fabulous!

    These lake photos are awesome.

  2. Those lake pics are fabulous, Sharon. Glad that you and Bob are enjoying it as often as you can. But boy, I know it is horribly hot, takes the energy and breath right out of you! Stay cool as often as possible!

    Love your stitching, can't wait to see it finished, it will be fabulouso!:)

  3. Oh that project is gorgeous.

    LOL about climbing up the pole. It's beautiful sceneries. I wanna go there. I love water.

  4. Gorgeous pics of the lake. May not seem like a lot, but your progress is looking amazing!

  5. I used to x-stitch before I had the kids...maybe one day I will get a chance to do it again

  6. I happened upon your blog today and think your stitching is amazing - what a beautiful project.

    This is the first year my peonies gave me lots of blooms (the plant is only a few years old) and I never thought to smell them! ack! next year...