06 April, 2009

They Are All Hanging Up

primitiveHeartpipx I was determined when I went off to Lah-Lah-Land on Sunday evening, that before I did anything else today, I was going to get the hanger's put onto my finished/framed pieces~and, I did!!!!!!  Yeeee-Hawwww  Then, I couldn't stand the fact that they where all setting in a pile, waiting for me to hang them.  So, I laid them all out on the floor in the order that I was going to do my collage~but the more I looked at the size of the collage, and the space in the kitchen where I was planning the collage...I didn't think it would work out very well.  Not enough "space".  So I ended up separating my "floor arrangement", and hanging the pieces apart from one another.   Well, not completely apart, but in groups and on separate walls.  Are you still with me on this one???  Ohhhh, never mind~ just look at the photo's below, you'll see what I'm talking about.






I'm pretty happy with how they look hanging.  And happy to have something NEW to look at ,on my wall's.  Thanks for taking a peek.

Mommy of Triplets sent through the cutest photo from her phone on Sunday.  Of course I had to scrap it in someway and then frame it!  It sets on top my printer, so I can look and smile at it often.  I sure do love those little girls.  Here they are...

girls looking out backdoor 4-4-09

Off to warm up some leftover's for our supper now, the "Birdman's" tummy is hungry.  Better feed him as I wouldn't want him starving to death now.  Tee Hee

Thank you, to those of you who commented on my framed pieces of the other day.  You sure did make me feel good, with those.  I have always framed my own finishes as it is way to expensive to have it done~even with specials like 50% off!  Whew!  I can use that money for MORE STASH.  Hah Hah 



  1. My goodness you have been busy... first the lovely framing then the wall hanging. It's great to view your own stuff on your walls. Triplets picture is so cute!!

  2. Such good busy-ness you have been having, Sharon! I love all of the pieces and have them adorning your walls in collage groups! Great job!

    And I know you love those lil girls, that is an adorable picture!

  3. The triplets look so adorable! I just love all your pieces on the wall. They all look just gorgeous! Wish I had walls like that, give me about 10 more years of stitching! LOL

  4. The tripletts are so cute! I love all of your finishes, but love the star design. Can you tell me who the designer is?