10 April, 2009

Sharing Some Progress, Finally

1891409qthl5xkytf I hate to say that I just haven't been stitching as much as I could be.  I don't know if it's Cabin Fever or WHAT~or the fact that I've been working on this piece for so long now?  But, my progress is slow.  Boo Hoo  Maybe I'm just spending too much time at the computer too!  I blame that all on my interest of Digital Scrap Booking of course. Hah Hah  I can easily spend hour's upon hour's sitting here and searching for those freebie kit's the designer's give, or time practicing new things I've come across~and then there is my Beginners Workshop, too.  And last but not least, my scrapping pictures of family.  It all takes time~time away from my stitching.  Ohh, it bites to have more than one interest at a time, I guess.  Hah Hah  Anyway, here is my progress, thank you for taking a peek.


And here are a couple of bow's I learned to make tonight in my BW class...

bow project-testing2 


Blessed Easter to all



  1. Your stitching is looking gorgeous! Love the bows too, those are really neat!

  2. Oh it is looking lovely, dear!! Lots of stitching in that one, for sure! Enjoy everyone of your hobbies, your bows are adorable!

  3. Happy Easter.

    Your WIP is jsut lovely but I know what you're saying sometimes its hard to make yourself sit down and stitch somehting especially when you're getting a little tired/bored of it. You keep finding excuses to pop up from your stitching chair and do somethign else!