04 April, 2009

Oh, That Feels GOOD

What does?  WHAT on Earth could feel so GOOD?  Well, the simple fact that I've just finished framing up a bunch of stitched finishes...WooHoooey!!!  I'm taking a little break right now~then will sit and put the hanger's on them all, and figure out exactly where I want to hang each one.  I'm really thinking that another collage wall would be terrific...perhaps in the kitchen this time.  Someplace where I can look at the stitchery a little more often than if I where to hang them in a room I basically just waltz in and out of.  So, rather than rambling on~let me show you the framed pieces.  I hope you'll enjoy seeing them.










wp_shpwwtrmlns There is still one more finished piece to frame yet, but it needs a button attachment  so...I'll get to that one a little bit later.  I am just thrilled to have these framed though.  As for sizes, I have two 11 x 14, five 8 x 10's and once the other finish is framed, two 5 x 7.  So all in all, I think they'd all make for a nice collage.

Something else that I've been busy with lately, is taking a online Beginner's Workshop for my Photo Editing software, Photo Impact 13 Pro.  It is so fun and so absolute fascinating to see what all can be unleashed from this program.  Not only does it edit photo's, it does a whole host of other things as well, and one of those would be making Graphic's.  I have forever marveled at those who can create Graphic's and such...now I'm finally learning how it's done.  Yuppie!!!  There are apparently three levels to the classes.  Of course, since I've just begun this new adventure, I'm only on Level 1, and, project 5.  So, a long, long ways to go yet before I'm ready to graduate this class.  Tee Hee  But ohhhh, what fun it is.  This will all help me with my Digital scrapping.  Here are a few samples of what I created last evening, just getting familiar with this part of my software...








I'm so very excited about learning how to do even more, more...more!!!  This is just simply, amazing. 

simplify DH and I had some of those famous little errands to run on Friday, and decided that we'd make a day of it.  It was pretty nice~the sun was shinning in all it's glory and the temps where fairly decent too.  You just know that I'm going to say we headed to the Lake~don't you!  Tee Hee  We took some leftover biscuits to feed the Geese and Seagull's, as per usual...and DH had lots of fun, while the Geese actually ate straight from his hand.  Here are a few shot's of that...




He now refer's to himself as "The Birdman".  Hah Hah 

One last bit of new's before I wrap this up...and that would be that the Triplet's have FINALLY all gotten their FIRST toofer's!!!!!!!!!   WooHoo!!!  Way to go, girls.  Two of them have actually gotten two teeth each, already.  b_145306

I do hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend.  I know, I know...they come and go too fast~don't they?  Thank you bunches for visiting, stop by again when you can.  You just never know what I'll be up to next.  Tee Hee



  1. Your framed pieces are outstanding. What a great job you did on all of those, they all look so even and straight. I bet those are going to look magnificent on your wall!

  2. Oh those sweet babies! And your framing looks absolutely gorgeous Sharon! Good job on your digi-elements. I have been making my own headers for the blog and that helps me with my photoshoppin/digi scrappin skills. I love it. But I can't seem to get away from stitching too much in order to do more scrapping,lol. But it's always there if I decide to!

  3. WOw, all your pieces framed look amazing! They are turned out so nice in their frames and look perfect and gorgeous!!! Have fun learning all about your new program, you have made some great things so far. The "Bird Man" looks like he is getting all kinds of attention! Great pics! The triplets are just adorable!!!

  4. Great stitching and framing. They would make a nice collage for a wall. Go for it.

    Have fun with your photo editing training. I sure wish I had more training in that area. It would take away stitching time.