23 April, 2009

Not Too Much More Progress

166 Hi, Blogging friends and visitor's.  I hope you're all enjoying some gorgeous Spring weather by now~that the furnace has been switched to off, and the window's have flung open to the tune of birdies chirps coming in through them.  As for us, Spring/Summer is well on it's way, beginning on Thursday.  We're going to sky-rocket on the temps, getting into the 70's and even the 80's~more like going from Winter, right into Summer...if you ask me.  I very much WELCOME the change though!  The Winter's here are way toooooo long, and I'm more than ready for the change in the elements. 

I'm beginning to see "things" starting to pop up from theliberty ground...meaning my Tiger Lilies.  The Forsythia and Lilac bushes have loads of buds on them, and best of all, the grass is turning a nice lush green.   Woohooooooooo  I love this time of year, when new life and growth appear.  It's amazing, to say the least.  Such a renewal of life in itself. 

I've managed to pick up the needle a few times over the past week or so.  And now I'm ready to share another progress picture of "A Treasured Time".  I can't express enough just what a joy it has been to stitch on this piece.  I may just be singing a different tune once I start that backstitching though.  Hah Hah  Check back with me later on that one.  Here is where I am at now (you can click the photo to make it larger).


And of course, I'm still playing around with photo's of our sweet Granddaughter's.  As I've said before, they are my favorite subject to work my digital scrap booking magic on.  Tee Hee  Here is one I did of Bailey and Macie, playing in the Forest.  I do love how they discovered all of the pretty Spring flower's, and even a Butterfly or two.

macie and bailey2

Then there's this one of Roxy and Macie, playing in the Snow.  Wish she would wear her snowsuit during times like this though.  Tee Hee

macie in snow2

As you can tell, I've been experimenting with extraction of a image, and I've learned to use shadow's on my objects too.  This is truly a huge obsession of mine~it's taken over my life.  Hah hah  I love it though.  It's very enjoyable and keeps my mind going.  :-)

On a sad note now, we found out today that my MIL is in the Hospital.  She was actually there about a week ago, but we didn't find that out until she called me over the weekend.  While she was there, they had drained a liter of liquid from her stomach.  After a couple of days rest, they sent her back home but told her that if the pain in the stomach that she was experiencing got worse, that she was to head to the ER.  She did have issues once she got back home, but didn't want to end up in the Hospital again, and did her best to get through it.  Today however, she had a doctor appointment.  She was to find out the results of some tests that where done last week, and especially on the liquid they'd tapped from her stomach.  But, while there, she nearly passed out!  So, by ambulance, she was taken to the Hospital.  It turns out that her blood pressure had dropped considerably.  You see, for almost two year's now, she has been fighting lung cancer!  And today, we found out that the cancer has spread into her bones and possibly her stomach.  Now I don't know if she's aware of this as one of her daughter's is the one who told this to another sister-in-law of ours while mom basically had her back turned.  I spoke with mom this afternoon, and she sounded weak.  She was sipping on soup, jello and tea as to hydrate her again because when she came in today, she was dehydrated.  There is a good chance she said, that they will tap the stomach again tomorrow-Thursday.  Last week, they'd told her that the liquid could be a recurrence issue.  I'm hoping we can get up to the Hospital to see her, tomorrow.  I am not keen on getting up into large/big buildings, so we will see how that goes.  If I can't make it up there, DH will be there for sure.  Mom is 83 years old, and, she lost her own mother to stomach cancer.  So all in all, this is all a bit worry some and scary.  If you could, would you please remember her in your Prayer's?  Thank you so very much.

On that note, I'll wrap this up and say...have a most wonderful kind of day.



  1. Oh Sharon, I'm so sorry about your MIL. I'm so sorry she is suffering right now. My good thoughts are going out to her now, as well as your whole family. Now I see you are coming a looong way in your digital scrapping! Girl, watch out because it's SO addictive! Well, for me, not as addictive as cross stitch, but still! Your Treasured Time is so pretty. What a lovely scene-and you are making wonderful progress.