27 April, 2009

It Was So Gorgeous On Friday

DH and I could not sit inside the house while we knew that it was such a beautifully-gorgeous day outside!34689pj2onwqn7s   So after he had finished testing his fish tanks, we headed out the door, and to our all-time favorite place, the Lake.  As usual, the Geese and Seagulls where hanging out~and we had some "goodies" to share with them.  It's so fun to see them go after the leftover bread.  Although, some of them did not seem as hungry and I think because one or two of the many other people who where sitting there, might of fed them before we got there.  Ho Hum  What I'm anxious to see, is the Goslings that are bound to show up one day.  The Geese have just come out of their mating season, and the babies should be born sometime during May.  I can't wait~I'm a sucker for anything "baby".  Hah hah 

Once we left there, we stopped for some supper and then headed to another area I just love.  This would be a Waterfall, located midway through the Parkway.   Awh, I just knew it was going to be awesome, with all the rain we've been having and the Lagoon probably filling up.  And, it did.  And of course, the Geese and a few Seagulls where even hanging out there at the Lagoon.  There where loads of people fishing that day too.  It's just such a beautiful spot.  Here are a few pictures I snapped while there~hope you enjoy them.





After we left there, we headed over to the Beach area.  As we came down the hill, we could see lot's and lot's of cars~meaning that other's had the same thought in mind that we did. Shortly after arriving there, you could feel a change in the winds.  It was bringing in some cooler air, and being right there on the Lake, it felt very awesome.  Especially since we basically roasted in the sunshine when we first arrived at the Lake.  Right now the water temp is still very cold, so the air surely does cool as it passes over it.  Ahhhhh, it was refreshing.  Here are a few photo's I snapped while there.  Again, I hope you enjoy looking at them.






We did notice that people where starting to dock their boats near the Yacht Club.  Yuppie~that means there will soon be lots more activity going on at the Lake, again.   It's been a long boring Winter~and it'll be so great to see the Lake a buzz, so to speak.  I think everything officially reopens on May 1st, and that's just a few days away now.

After leaving the beach, we headed over to DQ for some Ice Cream~DH's favorite part about our outtings all the time.  Hah Hah  Since it was still so warm out though, we had to eat those cones FAST.  As it was, I dripped on my top anyway.  Crumb!  I hate when that happens.

We received some AWFUL new's on the phone about 10 minutes after coming home.  It was one of DH's brother's calling~and at first, I thought it might have something to do with their mom.  No, as it turned out~but the new's from the other end of the phone, was just as bad, horrible and terribly sad!!!  One of their brother's wife had taken her own life, on Thursday!  OMGosh!  I am still stunned, in shock and devastated over this new's.  She was a sweet gal, although we haven't seen her in year's, I will always remember the funny and sweet part of her.  She apparently had some demon's though and even after going to the doctor, wasn't able to rectify what she was going through.  I just wish she had given everything a little bit more time, things could of turned out so much differently for her.  She was only 48 years old and now leaves behind a grieving husband as well as two grown sons.  They will always be asking "why", I'm sure.  The viewing is on Monday and we'll attend that.  Such a senseless and selfish act!  It's still hard to believe she did this. 

There is "not so good" new's about my MIL too.  She's still in the Hospital and will be there a few more days yet.  On Saturday, she needed to have surgery for a blockage.  They needed to bypass....cancer....to perform the surgery for her.  But hopefully what they've done, will make things a little more comfortable for her.  When she's released from the Hospital, she will be under Hospice Care at home.  I'm sorry to say that she may only have three months with us.  All of this is happening so fast~when I spoke to her a week ago, she said she was doing good, with the cancer, and I assume she meant that it hadn't spread anywhere else.  What a difference a week can make though.  I just pray that she will be comfortable for the time she has remaining.  She has gone through so much already, I'm sure she could do without the horrible pain.  Thank you to those of you who have prayed for her.  That really does mean a lot to me. 

I do suppose I should get my little self off to bed~it's pushing 4 a.m. already.  But, I am such a creature of habit and happen to be a Night Owl anyway.  So this is not a weird hour for me to head off to bed.  Hah hah 

Have a super wonderful week my friends and visitors.



  1. Sharon, so sorry to hear of such sad news! Hope things get better for your family, will be praying for them.

    Love your pics, those are really pretty.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your SIL! That is horrible news and I will keep the entire family in my prayers!!! I also continue to pray for your MIL!!! I am sorry that this is all happening so fast!

    It does look like you had a wonderful weekend out though and the waterfall is absolutely gorgeous! I have a thing for waterfalls!

  3. Oh wow---I'm so sorry for the loss of your SIL. How tragic. ((HUGS)) to you.