16 April, 2009

First Easter Egg Hunt

Even though the Triplets aren't yet walking, that doesn't mean that they couldn't have their first Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday.  Those precious little girls, they looked like they where having a lot of fun, between the pictures and video's that mommy of Triplets shared with us.  And in turn, I just had to share a few of those pictures with you too. I do hope you'll enjoy them. 

b_163738 - Copy


b_164314 - Copy

My stitching is coming a long fairly well.  I've filled in the pond and started on some rocky area's towards the bottom part of the picture.  I also found the left side of the pattern, too.  Meaning I've completed at least "some" stitching from top to bottom and left to right.  Tee hee  Now it's just a matter of filling everything else in, in between.  I'll share another current progress picture soonish.

Happy stitching to all.



  1. OH the girls are such sweethearts! Looks like they had lots of fun, for Easter!

    Glad you are making headway of your stitched project!

  2. Aw, the sweet babes! Can't wait to see your stitching progress too Sharon!