09 March, 2009

Went By Too Fast


Hello, and a very happy Monday to everyone...I do hope your week is off to a spectacular one!  Thus far, mine is good as the sun is shinning ever so brightly, this after having two days of rain and gloomy sky's.  And from what I can tell, we'd best enjoy the sunshine today as Tuesday will bring us lots of rain once again.  One advantage to all of the rain though is that the dirty ugly snow is washing away.  Yuppie~by this point and time, I am so tired of Winter and ready for Spring to arrive!!!  I'm just ready for a change.  Can't wait to see all the pretty flowers come to life or the tree's fill with leafs...and the variety of bushes fill in and get so huge and out of shape that I'll need to trim them back...can't wait for it to warm up enough to be able to open up windows, or to hear the birdies sing every morning.  The best part is that I'll be a very happy camper when I can walk out the back door without a heavy Winter coat on.  Hah Hah

Well, our wittle Triplet Granddaughter's have come and gone...boo hoo  What an absolute wonderful time we had while they where here though.  They are the sweetest and we sure do love them to pieces!!!!!!!  The time just flew by too fast though and we are missing them lots, already.  But ahhh, we do have some super wonderful memories to cherish and of course, ton's of photos and video's to look at until we see them again.  I've been having fun with some digital scrapbooking with some of these photo's...and you just know that your going to see a few of those.  Hah Hah  What can I say other than I am just a proud, proud Grandma.  Really, our home is a shrine of photo's to those little darlings.  Photo albums are filling up and I'm about ready to get another one underway.  *Smile*  They just loved their new toys we had bought for them...one of my sisters had brought over lots for them to play with too and since we celebrated their birthday while here, they also received more for that.  They didn't seem bored at all.  They sure did receive lots of new cloths for their birthday...that made mommy of Triplets very, very happy.  Between the three of them, it never seems as if they have enough...although they really do...I think mommy of Triplets just frets a bit too much.  Tee Hee  A typical mommy though, wouldn't you say?  Piper, the youngest of the Triplets, cut her first tooth while they where here!!!!  WOW, we've only been waiting forever for this to happen!  Truly a very exciting moment in time!  Hopefully Lydia and Macie won't be too far behind now.  It was sooooo cold while they where here, and even snowed a good one...we where only suppose to get 1-3" of Lake Effect Snow, but it ended up being a bit over 14"!!!!!!!!!  This arrived the day they where to leave for home.  Needless to say, that after going to the Airport, babies and luggage in tow...mommy of Triplets decided they would NOT be flying that morning and turned around and came back here for the day.  I was taken back when they showed up at the front door...but yet excited that we'd have that extra bit of time with them.  Mommy of Triplets rescheduled for the following morning.  Everything went off without a hitch, and they all made it home safe and sound,  where the weather was gorgeous when they landed.  Hmmmmph!  Hah Hah  We still had ALL of that Snow to deal with.  Oh well...it's just about gone now and pretty much just a memory, too.  The main thing is that they made it home safely.

Just after they arrived here, I started to feel sickly.  Crap...of all times to get sick!  I'm still not feeling very much up to par yet, but seem to be having more "better" days than I was having before.  I believe it's a upper respitory

infection from everything that's been going on.  Grandpa of Triplets managed to "catch" it too, soon after.  So now the two of us are constantly hacking our brains out and running for the Kleenex.  Geesh!  We rarely get sick, but we managed to get hit with this. 

A note of some fantastic new's...our youngest daughter has gotten engaged and is planning a July wedding!  WhooHooo!!!  Her fiance, Tony, has been the love of her life ever since they dated while she was still in High School.  They dated for a year at that time, then parted ways and went on with their lives, DD even getting married during that time...then divorced four year's later...and dating other's afterwards, but never forgetting her Tony!  And apparently, he felt the same about DD too.  One night, New Year's Eve to be exact, four year's ago, they met up and have been together ever since.  Fate...there you have it!  *Smile*  We couldn't be more pleased as we all really like Tony.  I always knew that in the end, DD would end up with him.  *Big Smile*

I've been doing some stitching here and there...my attention span for stitching just doesn't seem to be on my side right now...boo hoo  I'll share a progress picture or two of what I've gotten stitched since late last week when I picked it up again.  I have to say, it's going to be a very lovely piece when finished...it really is a joy to work on. 

One other really exciting thing has happened here of late and I just have to share that...one of our Tropical Fish has blessed us with three little babies!!!  I was sooooo surprised and terribly excited to look at the one corner of the Tank and to see the little babies swimmin' about.  We've had this tank for at least two years, if not, longer...and its the first time ever that any of the Tropical's has reproduced.  There has been several times when we've bought new Fish and the person at the store will tell us that we have either one or two pregnant mommies...but nothing has ever come of that.  I believe they abort the babies, having left the safe haven at the pet shop, traveling a sometimes bumpy ride home and then being thrust into a new and different tank.  That is always a bummer...but there is always the chance they'd get pregnant again since we like to get a mix of female and males when we buy any one particular fish.  So...we have baby Triplet Tropical's!!!!!! 

Well, if your still reading this...thanks for sticking it out during my ramblings...what a trooper you are!!!!  But, I will wrap this up, and add some photo's now.  I do hope you enjoy looking at those...there will be a mix/variety all at the end of this post.  Until next time, have a wonderful day and thank you for visiting.  Thank you too for your awesome comments, I love those and so appreciate them. 










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grandpa and piper

Grandma and Macie

grandma and macie

Macie Piper and Lydia






piper-green frame


Lydia bear

My sister made their "Cookie Monster" birthday Cake

cookie monster

barb lydia bday

dianna piper bday

piper melissa bday

Lydia purple



  1. Such cute little girls. Glad you had some time with them. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Stitching should do that. LOL!!

  2. Your granddaughters are all just adorable!!! I do hope that you are feeling better soon!!! Congrats to your newly engaged dd, that is great news!!! Will be looking forward to some wedding photos!!

  3. What lovely photos, sounds like you had a fantastic time even if you were feeling unwell! Great news about your youngest dd too.

  4. Aw, I'm so glad you had a nice visit and they are super sweet and scrumptious little ones!