20 March, 2009

Happy Spring

papel_50175    I am so thrilled to know that we're now getting into one of my FAVORITE season's, Spring.  I gladly say GOOD-BYE to WINTER!!!!  Even though I know that we are truly not out of the woods yet as Winter around here can easily last into April still.  The nice part about that though is that the frigid cold does not last if it does settle in, and any SNOW we'd get...would disappear as fast as it came.  Wooohoo~bring on the rain and a season of new beginnings and new growth!

I've a progress photo (or two) to share of my WIP...it's really beginning to look like "something" now and I am really pleased at how its looking.  I even ironed it this time, for you.  Tee Hee  Hopefully that does a little bit of justice to the progress photo's.  This is where I am at as of Thursday evening...




I'm not even to the halfway point of this pattern, so I've still loads of stitching time to look forward to on this piece.  I really am loving every minute of working on it though and seeing the little bits and pieces of it coming together.


I finally managed to box up the Triplet's birthday gifts, and get that all off to the PO this past Tuesday.  Mommy of Triplets did pack into their suit cases what she could, but just couldn't take it all home with them...on the plane.  Those little sweethearts made out like little bandits for their first birthday!  Lots of cloths (mommy counted, in all, 33 outfits) and lots of Toys and Books and socks etc.  I sent three boxes, and Mommy of Triplets called on Thursday to let me know that they had arrived.  Yeah!!!!  The girls can now enjoy those birthday gifts.

Our little Sassafras kitty girl, Sophie, just does not miss a beat around here!  I purposely didn't set the boxes on the floor as I got them ready to go as I didn't want the cat's to climb all over them...so, thinking they'd be safer up on the counter top proved to be hysterical after all.  Here are a couple photos of our Sassafras......




Grandpa of Triplets and I headed to the Lake last Saturday...even stopped and bought a couple of fresh loafs of wheat bread to feed the Ducks, Geese and Pigeons that might just be hanging around.  WOW...we didn't even pull up, but from a distance, could tell there was going to be a lot of activity in the water!  Want to see what I'm talking about....okay, look further...







Caught this cute little girl out flying her kite, it was sure windy enough for kite flying that day



And kids playing on the equipment...people walking their dogs..other's playing near the water






Even seen this Barge wayyyyy out there






After seeing all that we could see, and feeding the "birdies", we headed over to my sisters where we where invited for an early St. Patrick's Day dinner.  Ohhh gosh, it was soooooooo good!  The corned beef was so tender, it about melted in your mouth. There was cooked cabbage, carrots and little red potatoes.  And, a carrot cake to finish it all off.  It was all just scrumptious.



And that's about all that's been going on around here as of late.  The weather has been warming up, we actually reached a high of 75* on Tuesday.  Awesome!  It's cooled off since then but we will be on the upward temperature climb again. 

Have a super weekend, everyone.  Thank you so much for stopping by to visit, and to leave your much appreciated comments.



  1. Beautiful progress on your WIP! It is looking more and more amazing! Love all the pics! Thank you for sharing with us!!

  2. Hi Sharon,

    A Treasured Time is looking amazing. The
    picture is what we all like to think Winter
    should look like all during the season. No
    dull, grey skies, no icky brown snow banks,
    and no slush or freezing rain. Just glowing
    Christmas trees, blue skies with fluffy clouds
    and colourful sunsets,frozen ponds waiting to be skated on, and venerable and graceful Victorian houses with windows glowing and snow accenting gables and peaks.

    Glad to hear that the visit of the triplets
    went so well, and a good time was had by all.
    Too bad that you got sick during that same time
    but you don't seem to have let it ruin the
    occasion. Hope you and your DH are feeling
    a lot better now.

    Congratulations to your youngest daughter and
    her fiance. It sounds like a real love match
    and it's so cool how they reconnected again.
    Hope they have a long and happy life together.

    Your pictures of your walk around the lake
    were lovely to see and enjoy. We don't live
    close enough to Lake Ontario to be able to
    visit there for walks. A shame. It looks to
    have been a bright and sunny day for you, and
    the water and sky were an amazing shade of

    You had a real traditional Irish meal on St.
    Patrick's Day. I have to admit to not being
    a fan of corned beef, but the rest of the
    meal had my mouth watering.

    Had to smile when I saw the pictures of your
    kitty Sophie checking out the boxes on the
    counter. You know cats. They can't resist
    a box, no matter what the size or if it's
    open or closed, full of something or empty.
    To a cat a box is a castle, a refuge and a
    place to hide and wait for prey to wander by.

    Boy, the triplets are certainly going to be
    well dressed aren't they??? I enjoyed the
    pictures of them during their visit with you
    They are soooooo adorable!! It must be fun
    to take those wonderful photos and scrapbook

    Have a great week. Cheers!

  3. What gorgeous photos of the lake! Hope to hear from you soon!