14 February, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

valentinegrap51  Before I start yacking about this and that, I'd like to take a moment to wish you a Very Happy Valentines day!  Will you do anything special today?  Not me...I have a "date" with a dusting cloth and vacuum cleaner, however...those precious grandbabies are arriving on Monday and I've been working to get everything all spiffed up for them.  There are still a few other things to get done, but the majority of what needed to be done is now behind me.  I am really excited at this point, that their arrival day is almost here~it's been a VERY long seven months since we last saw them.  Boy, do we have loads of kissing and hugging time to make up for, too.  And of course, we can't wait to see mommy and daddy of Triplets too.  :-)  They have all been missed terribly.

I do think that my stitching time will be put on hold during the time their all here...would be rather rude I think, to haul it out when we should just be enjoying the time we'll have together.  Tee Hee  There will be plenty of stitching time once again, after they've left for home.  Besides, playing with the girls sounds way more fun to me right now...I am so looking forward to that and taking a billion and one pictures/video's of them, too. 

I do have some progress pictures to share of my Dimensions piece...woohoo!  I have to say, this has been an absolute gem to work on.  So much of the stitching thus far has been pretty much half cross stitch.  Do you realize how much faster you can stitch when you only have to stitch half of the X ?  LOL  It calls for various numbers of threads too. Anywhere from two to four at a time, so far.  And, lots of blended color's.  But oh, what a beautiful effect its giving off.  I'm contemplating doing the outline detail as I get complete sections finished...we'll see.  I typically leave that for last but this piece is larger, so it might just be wise to do it as I do the regular stitching.  Here is my progress.....




There is still loads of stitching to look forward to, but I am so enjoying working on it.  I think the color details are just awesome.

Have a most wonderful weekend, and as always, thank you so much for the comments you leave.  I appreciate them more than you will ever know. 

Happy stitching,



  1. Hi Sharon! I'm so happy for you that you get to see your family soon-I totally agree with putting the stitching away. Well, if you're not too exhaused you can keep it by your bed and sneak in a couple stitches before you pass out! Your house project looks FABU--it's so pretty I want to live there! :)

  2. Oh I can't wait to see all the pictues you get of those cute babies! You are going to have so much fun!

  3. Beautiful progress...the sky in this piece is gorgeous.

    Have fun visiting with your grandbabies!

  4. Lovely stitching, this is going to be fantastic. Hope you have a great time with the triplets!! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

  5. Your progress looks amazing! That is such a lovely piece. I do hope you are having a great time with those gandbabies!!!

  6. Hi Sharon,

    Talk about needles on fire!!! You've made
    incredible progress on the Dimensions design
    A Treasured Time. It looks amazing already!
    Sounds like its a mix of easy stitches and
    complicated ones and will require a bit of
    patience. But you are so right about the
    results being a beautiful effect. I think
    doing the backstitching as you go along might
    be a good idea too.

    Bet you're having a grand time with the
    triplets and their parents right now. I'm
    looking forward to seeing the pictures that
    you'll be taking.