18 January, 2009

Something Sweet

Hi!  I do hope your having a most wonderful weekend!  As like any other day around our house, mine has been pretty fantastic.  We had a wee bit of snow on Saturday but I didn't get my ol' bones outside until today to shovel it.  There wasn't much to shovel at all, maybe about an inch.  The Sun was shinning in all it's glory but now it's hiding behind the clouds, and there is a good chance for some flurries this afternoon.  Not a big deal~nothing we can't handle.  LOL  

I'm excited to say that "Something Sweet" is now a finish.  Wooohooo!  I actually finished it late Saturday evening, but didn't iron it until just a few minutes ago.  I think it turned out pretty cute/adorable.  It's now laying on top the pile of other finishes, one day I am going to need to get after myself and get all of these framed!  I'll make an all day project out of that.  I think the most finishes I've ever framed at onetime, was eleven.  That was a lot of work, but I'm still reaping the benefits of that.  Here now are a few pictures of my finish:




Now I can go and fiddle with my Stash to see just WHAT I would like to stitch next.  It's a moment I always look forward to...but then again NOT as it's not always easy picking just one.  LOL

As per usual, I've really been having a ton of fun doing some Digital Scrapping, with my favorite subjects of course...The Triplets.  If you have a moment, please scroll through and look at my sidebar, at those little darling girls.  I can't believe that they will already be celebrating their FIRST Birthday on February 1st.  They are learning and doing so many things now.  Mommy of Triplets sends lots of photos and video's for Grandma and Grandpa...those are always so heart warming to see.  We sure do miss them!

Have a fabulous week ahead, and thank you so very much for taking a moment to read/look at my Blog.  Even bigger thanks to those of you who have left comments.  I'm off now to bury my nose into some stash.  :-)



  1. Lovely finish - it's great being able to pick out what to do next!! Great photos of the girls - they have such lovely cute faces!!

  2. Sharon, that Blackbird Designs project is gorgeous! Those colors are great. So, did you pick out something else yet?? I'm dying to see!