28 January, 2009

Not Immune After All

 Snowman_guirlanda Remember the neighbor's car/garage fire of last week?  At the time, I had said, with a very, very THANKFUL heart that our garage had not been damaged by the inferno...and this is still true.  However, after further inspection of the back of our house yesterday (Tuesday), I discovered that there was something that had pierced the upstairs bedroom window!  We where leaving to run some errands and as I closed the gate, looked up at the back of the house, something I always do...just a habit of sorts.  When what do I see but a large object sticking out of the upper part of the window.  I could see the glass had been shattered.  Crap!  Crap!  Crap!  I told DH about what I discovered, and once we arrived home again, we went upstairs to check it out, and take some photo's of course.  :-)  Not only did this object pierce the outer and inside glass, it also scorched the mini blind and knocked the two curtain rods right off their brackets.  A piece of the blind that completed burned off, was laying there among the shattered glass, which is on the floor, on the window sill, and on the dresser to the one side of the window.  DH, after further expecting the "object" came to the conclusion that it is a Hydraulic Ram.  Being that the first car that went up in flames was a station wagon, it appear's that this Hydraulic Ram is what would of been used during the opening part of the hatch on the car.  OMGosh, to think that this flew from there to our window, is really a bit frightening!  And then, we had NO idea it had happened...and the worst part, we could of actually lost our home due to this.  Had that fire not gone out, the room would of went up in flames!!! 

I got a hold of our insurance company this morning as well as someone to come and give us an estimate as to what it will cost to replace either just the glass or the complete window if necessary, and they will come in tomorrow to do the estimate.  We'll take it from there then.  In the meantime, while most people are decorating the outside of their Homes with the theme for Valentine's Day, our's is decorated with car parts.  Hmmmmph!  Hah hah  Well, to some, this wouldn't be too very funny but, I am a firm believer that we must find the humor in sad situations.  Therefore, this is my humor side of it.  

This is what I saw from the outside, when I looked up at the back of the house on Tuesday...



And from the inside...




Not pretty, is it?  Yet, I am so very grateful that when considering what could of happened, that this is all that happened.  Someone was truly watching over us!



On another note, this Grandma of Triplet's had fun doing some shopping for when her little Granddaughter's come for a visit next month.  Grandpa of Triplet's and I bought lots of baby food, finger food (snack), teething cookies, Juice, diapers, baby wipes, shampoo-lotion-etc. and TOY'S.  Ohhh what fun this was too, since it's been over thirty years that our girls where this small, and we shopped like this.  Last week we shopped for their birthday gifts...cloths, toys and books.  So, they should have enough here to keep them happy while they visit.

This is what I ordered online for the Grandbabies...

Butterfly Rattle and Teether set

Activity Shapes

LeapFrog learn and groove piano

Giggle Ball Toy Set

If you'd like, mouse over the picture and it should tell you what each thing is.  I just can't wait to see those little girls again, it's been seven months since they moved like a thousand miles from us...we miss them horribly...not to mention mommy and daddy of Triplet's too. 

Time to go and get the Pork Chops cooking for supper now.  Have a super wonderful day.  And as always, thank you for stopping by.



  1. Oh my! You guys sure were lucky for sure. Cute toys!

  2. How frightening!! Glad you are all ok. Great toys... how exciting that they are coming to visit!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    What a nasty experience you've had.
    As if a fire of such intensity wasn't
    scary enough in the middle of the night,
    but to then discover you had that car
    part shot through the window of your
    house like an arrow is just terrifying.
    What a relief that it didn't cause a
    fire in your home as well. Was the
    cause of the fire really arson???

    I must tell you how wonderful that
    picture at the top of your blog is.
    All those beautiful stitched pieces
    that you've hung on your wall are
    amazing. I keep staring at that
    picture, mesmerized by your incredible
    stitching talent, and your framing too.
    And there's such a wonderful diversity
    of themes, styles, designers etc there.
    How long have you been stitching and
    doing your own framing??

    Your latest Bent Creek finish is beautiful.
    I really like this series and have a couple
    of them in my stash to be stitched someday.
    Your finish here is a great incentive to
    get mine out and start stitching. Oh dear.

    Holy Smokes! Look at the size and the
    complexity of A Treasured Time. It looks
    like it's enormous! Ah, but it's also
    a gorgeous design and will look amazing
    when it's done. I can't wait to see your
    progress on this one. It'll be fun to
    watch it grow. How many colours are there
    to stitch this with???

    How exciting for you to have the triplets
    and your Daughter and SIL home with you
    for two weeks. I know you'll have lot's
    of fun, and the girls are going to have
    the time of their lives at grandma's house.
    Look at those wonderful toys you'll have
    waiting for them.

    Have a great time Sharon.