23 January, 2009

I'm So Very Excited...


misc7a  I have some very awesome news to share...Mommy of Triplet's told me that they are all coming home for a visit, in February!!!  OMGosh, I can't believe it...I knew it was a possibility but nothing had been written in stone until they sent me their flight confirmation on Wednesday evening.  Mommy knew that I was a little bummed earlier in the day...after she mentioned the fact that they where looking at a Home to buy.  Upon receiving that kind of new's, my heart sorta sank as then it really confirmed that they will be where they are at even longer than what I was hoping for.  You see, I'm waiting for the day they all move back here, so that we can be not only closer to mommy and daddy, but to be closer to the Triplets-our beautiful Granddaughters.  Anyhow, I got a phone call from Daddy of Triplets, and he wanted me to get to the computer and check my email.  I thought he was sending through some pictures of the house they where looking at...he is very GOOD at being on the sly side when it come's to announcing things...and there it was, their flight confirmation.  Woohoo!  I can't wait for them to get here...and slobber them all in huge kisses and hugs.  It's been seven months since they left here for their new destination, and DH and I miss them all so very, very much. 


The Triplets will turn a year old next month already.  Gosh oh golly, that doesn't seem possible!  On Wednesday, I had finished shopping for their birthday gifts, with every intention of packing it up and sending it to the girls via the Post Office, but now, I will just hang onto it and give it to them after they arrive here.  It's going to be so much fun to see them react, in person.  :-)

They'll be here for two weeks.  I already know that time is going to fly by really, really fast too.  I will cherish every single moment that I can.  Again, I can barely wait.

birdh1    We had some excitement in the neighborhood that very same night that I found out the new's from Mommy and Daddy of Triplets.  It was about 2 a.m. when we heard a couple of loud noises outside.  I really didn't think too much about the first sound as it almost sounded as if someone was closing a car door.  The second however sounded more like someone at the back door!  DH and I both got up to start checking things out...and, when I looked out a window on the back of the house, I seen that one of our neighbors car's, which is parked between their garage and our's-a fence dividing our properties-was up in flames!!!  I immediately called 911 and they put me through to the fire department.  Told them what was happening, and they said they would be here soon.  I then got my trusty lil' camera, and headed outside to take some pictures and video...and wait for the fire department to arrive.  Within seconds, I could hear the sirens, then more sirens and then again, another siren.  By then though, the car was really flaming, and it had spread to their garage.  In the end, the car that was on fire is totally gone, just the frame remains.  The two vehicles inside the garage are a total loss as is the garage itself.  Thank the Good Lord, our garage, for as close as it was to all of this, was not damaged.  DH and I are ever so grateful for that too.  Here are some photo's that I took that early morning, and then again on Thursday morning, once daylight had broke.






This really was so devastating to see, and to see it happen so close to home.  I honestly believe that the car you see, had been torched!  Horrible things happen...you never know WHEN they will happen, or WHERE!  It's just so sad to know that there are people out there that get such satisfaction out of doing something like this.  Just think about all of the damage that was done that early morning.  My heart goes out to our neighbors, and to their landlord who owns the home.  The very best part would be if the authorities could catch the person or persons responsible for this, and before they have the chance to do this to another family. 


misc2 Now, on yet another note...Mommy of Triplets told me on the phone today that their offer on the house had been accepted!!!  I am so happy and excited for them as right now they are living with other people and although the situation is nice, they really want to just get out on their own, and be a family together without other's around them.  I do not blame them at all, it's something I really do believe they need to do.  The Triplets need their own home.  I realize this means there is even that greater chance now that they won't be coming back here to live...but I'm thinking-at least for now.  Who knows what the future holds?  They have all sorts of fun things going on right now...told Mommy of Triplets to be sure to relax a bit, all of this is a lot to ponder.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my Blog and of course, for leaving your comments.  Until next time....



  1. I am glad you get to see that grandbabies soon. I bet you will definitely slobber them to death. LOL

    Praise the Lord your home was saved. So sorry to hear your neighbors have suffered a loss.

  2. It will be so fun for you to see those cute grandbabies!
    Glad the fire didn't spread. It is a stange feeling to hear something like that in the middle of the night. Way back when we first moved over here I heard popping during the night (sounded like gunshot!)- of course I was home with just the kids as hubby was on duty - looked out the window and it was the garage behind the house across the street. We have really big yards here so it was not close enough to be a danger to us, but hubby was out there working to put it out (he was a firefighter for 23 years) so going back to sleep wasn't an option!

  3. I had a car go up like that due to an electrical problem! How nice you'll get to see all your family soon--you must be overjoyed!

  4. So good to hear your big news. There will be no stitching or blogging when they are there and that is a good thing. Enjoy.