19 December, 2008

We Have "SNOW"...

And lot's of it too!!!  So I'm thinking that Santa is not going to have a problem finding our house this year.  Now I guess it boils down to whether or not we've been GOOD or BAD?  LOL

The last I heard, we have 10" of fresh snow from this storm. I imagine the totals will climb a bit though by the time it's done and over with, with the blowing and drifting that's going on out there.  The City has all but shut down~very few car's out on the roads.  It's sure a beautiful sight but ohhhh, my back is already aching, just thinking about having to go out and shovel it!  Maybe some kid off from school will be looking for some extra spending money and will come knocking at the door asking us if he can shovel our sidewalk for us???  If that does happen, he won't have to ask me twice!!! 

I'm just finally starting to feel back to normal, after having a bout with food poisoning!  I never ever thought this would happen to me...but it did, and it came on early Tuesday morning around 4 a.m.  A rude awakening, for sure!  I spent two day's in bed, only getting up to drink some white soda here and there.  I finally started to eat some soft foods on Thursday, I think things are getting back to normal now.  At this moment, I am so hungry~I could eat a COW!!!  LOL  The funny part about that is that I'm not a red meat eater!!!!!!  Hamburger is okay, but I can leave the rest. 

Anyhow, here are some photo's I snapped this morning of the beautiful snow, falling down.  *BINGO...guess WHAT?  The front doorbell rang, and... bless his heart, there is a young man out there shoveling our front sidewalk as I speak.  WooHoooo!!!!  Once he's finished the front, I'm going to tell him I will double it if he goes around back and does behind the slab and garage?  Keeping my finger's crossed as I really shouldn't be out there, and the Mr. doesn't look too thrilled about going out either.  LOL  WOW, I'd say we got lucky today! 





Since I won't need to worry about shoveling, I guess I'll have a date with my stitching this afternoon then.  Oh, I can live with that!!!

Have a most wonderful day!  Stay warm and get some stitching time in too.


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  1. Booya! With luck he will keep you in mind the next time it snows!

    Beautiful pictures.