30 December, 2008

Ventured To The Lake

On Monday, before DH and I ran some errands, we headed to the Lake~I've been sooooo waiting to get there to see if it was at all frozen over.  Indeed, it was and the Seagulls and Geese where hangin' around too.  Awh, it was just lovely.  But, it was also horrendously windy/cold, so I couldn't stand outside the car too long to get some of these shot's.  LOL  My poor finger's felt it the most. 










Mommy of Triplet's called on Monday morning to let me know they had taken the girls to the doctor.  They've had runny noses that just seemed to be getting worse~their all stuffed up and it was getting hard for them to breath, too.  Turns out that two of the three have Ear Infection's so they where prescribed a script for that.  Mommy say's that their doing better today already.  Thank goodness!  Grandma has been so worried about them since getting that call.  I'd sure love to cuddle each one of them, but I'm afraid that Grandma's arms won't quite reach all the way to North Carolina from here.  Boo Hoo   I'm just very happy to hear that they are on the mend.  Mommy and daddy have both been sick too, and I'm hoping that they'll be better soon too.

Can you believe that we are fastly approaching then end of 2008?  It just doesn't seem possible that another year has flown by!  In another month, the Triplet's are going to be a year old already~that too doesn't seem real!  Will you be doing anything special, ringing out the old and in the new?  We're invited to a party at my niece's, but I'm not real sure we'll go.  I always say that New Year's Eve is the one night of the year that I don't mind staying off the roads.  I know that drunk driver's are "out there" any other day/night of the week...but I just bet the number double's when there is an excuse to celebrate, such as New Year's Eve.  So, I just feel better staying put.  I'll watch the many specials on TV and wait for the Ball to drop in Times Square too~and of course STITCH while doing that.  Then hopefully, when Thursday morning roll's around, I will remember when I write out the next check that we're now in 2009!!!!  Hah hah 

Wishing you and your's a Very Happy New Year, filled with good health, and happiness.  And, a wish for many finished stitched pieces.  :-)



  1. Hope the triplets are all better soon, hope you all have a Happy New Year.

  2. LOvely pics! And those baby girls just make me smile whenever I come to your blog! Glad they are feeling better.