28 December, 2008

That Sure Was Nice

   Wow, did we ever get lucky over the past two day's as far as the weather goes!  What took a month for Mother Nature to dump over 30" of Snow, took only about twelve hour's for the bulk of it to melt off!!!!  Now, this is MY kind of Winter.  Hah Hah  We really warmed up nicely, into the mid 40's and then had nearly an inch of rain to boot!  How great is that???  No one, not even the City knew where we where going to pile up anymore Snow, had another good system moved in and dumped on us.  They say we're to see some snow overnight, but only a trace to maybe an inch.  I CAN handle that.  :-)

As Bailey went out for his last "pit-stop" tonight, I went outside with him.  Low and behold, but WHAT do I find in my sweater pocket but lil' Silver...the digital camera!  So I snapped a few photo's of what the yard looks like, after the big melt-off.  And I'm going to share a few with you.  Aren't you lucky???




Isn't this just amazing?!?  Usually we have to wait until sometime in February before we see these types of thaw's.

The kitty girls where having some FUN with a couple of empty boxes that where sitting out in the kitchen.  I couldn't resist snapping a couple of photo's of them, so here are a couple of those.





Those kitties just don't miss a beat around here!  Their so much fun to watch though.  Sophie especially (she's the black and white one).  She's got more energy than I've ever seen in any other cat before.

I did start a new stitchy piece Friday evening, kind of late~ so there isn't a whole lot of progress on it at this point.  I happened to be stitching this evening, when my sis and her DH and his son stopped in for a short visit, so set it aside and then didn't pick it up after they left.  That's okay, there's a Packer's game on tomorrow so while I watch it, I'll make up for some lost time.  :-)  I decided my next project would be one by Waxing Moon Design's, called "Summer Sampler".  I'm using a piece of 28 ct linen and stitching it over two, with three threads...which they recommend.  Sure is hard on my finger that pushes the needle through the fabric though...can feel one of those tiny holes beginning to form.  Haven't had this happen in a long while!  Thank goodness it isn't a super large design.   

Here is the cover photo of the design:

Waxing Moon Designs-Summer Sampler

Have a wonderful and relaxing kind of weekend!


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  1. Aw, the kitties and pup are adorable! I can't wait to see your progress on the new piece--very pretty!