20 December, 2008

Such A Lazy Day, Today

I sure am taking advantage of being a lazy ol'  Elf, I mean Self today, LOL.  Let's see, bedtime came very, very early  on Friday~I snuck off to bed and snuggled up under the cover's and  was pretty much all set for a long Winter's sleep...oh but wait, Winter isn't here yet, is it?  At least not according to the Calendar, but looking outside, of course it's a different story.  Everything looks so pretty and white and calm...for now.  I found myself getting up at 4:30, having had enough sleep by then~did up the supper dishes as I was just too tired to do them last evening, puttered with a couple of other things and then plunked myself down to do some stitching....See.....


I really do love how this design is turning out.  The color's are so much prettier in person and even more vibrant over the photo on the cover of the leaflet.  I'll finish the flowers I'm stitching on now, add the words yet and then fill in the star's on the flag.  And then it will be finished. 

As Bailey headed outdoor's this morning, I followed right behind him with my camera and took a few photo's of the snow.  There's been drifting and blowing still going on, so the sidewalk isn't 100% clear but I'm not going to worry about it as between this afternoon and Sunday, we've got more snow on the way and to the tune of 2-5".  So, we'll get the stuff on the ground "next time".  Oh, by the way, the storm that just passed, left us with 11.4"!!!!!!  Here are the photo's from this morning...








The alley sure does look an awful mess.  The Mr. and I shoveled as well as we could so that the vehicles could get out, but I'm thinking that from the looks of things this morning, someone may of came through with a plow because I'm seeing snow where I didn't on Friday.  I may go out later and investigate.  LOL 

I think I'll be off to do a little more stitching again.  Can't wait to have this one finished, so that I can start something new.  LOL 

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. The piece your on looks great, I love the variation in the thread.

    :) thanks for visiting :)