12 December, 2008

It's Still COLD and SNOWY

But, the Sun is shinning if that's any consolation!  I believe we where suppose to get down around 8* overnight, last night, but I've not really listened to the local new's to see if we did indeed dip that low.  All I know is that it's COLD OUTSIDE!  Mother Nature will be on our side over the weekend, however~we'll be warming up and their predicting RAIN for Sunday!  Woooohoooo!!!  That means the ICE in the alley will somewhat wash away, and that can only mean that it will be so much easier getting in and out of the garage, and OUT the alley.  That makes me very happy because I've got places to go and things to do.

The last snowstorm, which only brought us 4.6"s, would of not been so bad had it not been so saturated, verses a nice light and fluffy snow.  I had gone outside to shovel the front walk and barely got going when I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my back.  Oooooh NO!  You know you're suppose to Bend at the knee's, and NOT TWIST when shoveling the snow, but have I EVER listened to what anyone has to say?  Nope!!!  So, it was my own fault, and even though it didn't happen again before I finished shoveling, I did feel it the rest of the day.  And if I move the wrong way now still, it reminds me of how ignorant I am.  I'm sure it's going to be just fine.  It just needs a little time to heel itself.

I've been able to get some stitching time in since my last entry.  I am sooooo loving how this design is turning out and I'm really pleased with myself that it was this design that I choose to stitch next.  I would say just a couple to a few more sitting's, and it should be a wrap.  Here is where I'm at now, as of Thursday.


There is a boarder to this, and I do think I may just leave it off.  I think it sorta takes away from the design...we'll see.

I finally packed up the Halloween/Fall decorations the other day, and put out some Christmas things.  I barely, barely decorate anymore~but it's enough to make the house look a bit festive.  No one come's here over the Holidays really, it's just DH and I...our family keeps shrinking!  So, the decorations are enough for us, the doggie, the kitty girls, the parakeet, the goldfish and the tropical fish!!!  LOL  I don't hear any of them complaining anyway. 

Here are some photo's of our decorations~which consist mainly of Snowman, cuz they are just the sweetest little guys.













And, here is a photo of my Computer companion~no matter where I go in the house, or what I might be doing, he is ALWAYS at my feet!


I do hope you'll have a great weekend~everyone! 

***Thank you to those of you who take the time to look at and read my Blog and leave comments.  Would love for everyone who looks, to leave a quick comment so that I can SEE whose visiting, and if you too have a Blog, I'd be able to take a peek at it, too.  I so enjoy seeing what other's are up to.



  1. Congrats on putting out the Christmas stuff! Your stitching progress is great--to be truthful, I would leave the border off too! It's so pretty without it.

  2. Love all those little snowmen. They are too cute. And your flag is coming along very nicely. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  3. Nice decorating. Love the way you put borders on your pictures.

    Nice flag stitching.

    Stay warm and don't shovel any more snow.