14 December, 2008

Happy Sunday Everyone


anniebasketIn a few moment's, I'll be off to watch the PACKER'S game, and stitch while I do that.  I am almost finished stitching the Rose now, so I'm getting that much closer to having this design finished.  There are some bud's yet, and more of the pretty little blue flower's to stitch still and then the words "America The Beautiful", and, NO outline detail!!!  Yup, I do believe this should be finished before too long now. 

The temp's are into the low 40's today and the Snow is melting off.  Their still calling for some Rain today and from the looks of things out my window, it's dark and gloomy outside.  We're going to see a huge drop in temp's overnight and on Monday, our highs will not even hit 20 degree's!  So everything that has been melting, is going to turn to a sheet of Ice.  That won't be much fun at all.  Winter hasn't even really begun yet, but I have to say, I'm already ready for Spring to arrive.

DH and I ran some errands on Friday.  Got everything done that we needed to.  Even managed to bring home a good handful of new Tropical fish for the aquarium.  So far, everyone seems to be adjusting really nice.  We stopped at Culver's and brought supper home with us...while waiting for our food, I snapped a pretty picture of their outdoor eatting area, covered in Snow~DH made a funny and said he didn't see anyone sitting outside to eat today~No kidding!  LOL


Also, while at the parking lot at a Strip Mall, I noticed some cute decoration's up on the light post and had to take a photo of those...something different and surely festive.  I really do enjoy shopping this time of year, being that Christmas is my favorite time of year~and the stores are all decked out.  I have more FUN just looking at all the beautiful decorations for sale!  Makes me wish I had a bigger house to decorate and ohhhh, ALL the money in the world to buy half the stuff I see.  LOL




I guess I'll be off to stitch and watch that football game now, sure do hope those Packer's can pull this one off this week!



  1. First time here, was intrigued by name of blog...same as favorite soap opera..lol..
    It's a pretty and funny site..love it.. Babies are adorable..lucky you..

    Your slide show is awesome.. great job on them..


  2. I love shopping center decs too! Good pics of them!