05 December, 2008

Baby, It's COLD Outside!

So you'd just better bundle up...hat, scarf and definitely mitten's, or you're bound to freeze in WI this week.  And if you might be driving in, don't forget the snow boots and the scrapper for the car windshield.  Hah Hah  Yupper's, we're also getting our share of snow this past week too.  So far, December has seen us with seven inches, which isn't really a whole heck of a lot, but when you don't want ANY~it's most definitely a PITA!!!!!  They are predicting another three inches for us, Friday night into Saturday.  Blah~Blah~Blah!!!  DD#2 is to be graduating this Saturday, her second degree Black Belt and I sooooooo want to be there, but if there is going to be snow on the roadway's, I will be staying put in the house!  It's not so much that I don't trust my driving in the snow, it's all the other idiot's out there that scare me half to death!  So to avoid them completely, I will not venture out.


If I do not go, then I recon I will spend the day decorating for Christmas.  I bury my head in shame admitting that yes, I still have the Halloween decoration's out!  The DH keeps asking when "we're" going to decorate for Christmas?  Hah Hah  I kinda like the "we're" part of this as it's usually the lady of the house who does all of the decorating!  He may help with a box or two, setting it aside, filled with my everyday knick knacks and such but as far as decorating, that's always been a no-go from him.  Ho Hum  That's okay though, I don't mind at all.  I really do enjoy doing it myself.

I thought I would share a progress picture of my WIP, Blackbird Design's, America The Beautiful.  I really do like the way it's looking thus far, but oh, it will look so much prettier once I can get to the Alphabet part of it, or even the pretty flower's that get stitched to the left of the design.  Right now, there isn't a whole lot of color going for it...and that's just a wee bit boring.  However, it's a great piece to stitch on while watching TV as there is not a whole lot of concentration connected to it right now.  Hah Hah

Progress as of 12-04-08

The fabric is 16 count, and from Silkweaver.  I just love the color effect and think that as a whole, the design should stand out really nice against it.

I can't end this without first showing you some photo's of the three beautiful's in their Santa Hat's.  Mommy of Triplets sent these through the other day, and Grandma of Triplet's had to scrapbook them in someway~somehow, and this is what I came up with...the caption's in two of the pictures are what mommy of Triplets wrote, as if though each beautiful was saying so...

Lydia-are you sure3

Macie-Santas coming4

pipers been good3

There where only two photo's of Piper so I had to do something different with her's.  Mommy of Triplet's didn't have any "quotes" from her, so Grandma of Triplet's just added her own.  Tee Hee

In closing, I hope everyone had a most wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving.  Now you're all busy getting ready for the next big Holiday, I'm sure.  Tis a busy time  of year for sure.  Enjoy though, it come's and goes all too fast.

Have a fantastic weekend!  And thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your comments. 


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  1. Aw, sweet babies! Your stitching looks great-love that particular design. Around my house, my DH is the main decorator--well, he's the muscles, I'm the brains. It works!