23 December, 2008

America The Beautiful

With a happy smile on my face, I can say that this piece is a wrap.  I finished putting the last of the stitching in around midnight, and then promptly ironed it and took a photo to share.  Then, added it to the pile of everything else I have stitched since July when DD and her family left here and moved to NC.  I am really proud of myself for my accomplishments, especially since it had really been months prior to this, that I was last able to stitch.  I really was beginning to think that I wasn't even going to have ONE finish by year's end...how wrong was I???  I'll have to sit down and start framing some of the finishes one of these fine days.  Then add them to the collage wall I had started back in July.  Unless I decide to hang some of these elsewhere in the house.


It appear's we have a couple of weather system's heading toward's us over the next two day's.  Both will dump another 3-6" of snow, each!  Phooey, anyhow!  LOL  But ah-hah, by Saturday, we could easily see temps into the mid 30's.  That will be very sweet, and most welcomed.  Now if only we can stay more mild like that for awhile, so many would be grateful, I'm sure. 

In closing this entry, I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very safe and happy Holiday.  May vision's of little sugar-plum's be dancing in your head.  :-) 


Merry Christmas!



  1. Lovely finish - well done. Hope you have a great Christmas x

  2. Very pretty. Congrats on your finish