19 November, 2008

We Had A Few Flurries

On Monday, I believe Old Man Winter decided that it was time to tease us with what's in store for us over the next several months, and threw some snow at us!  At time's, it snowed so hard, people had to pull over in their car's as it was like Blizzard conditions.  But, the very next moment, the sun would come out as if though nothing had ever happened.  And then again, a short while later...Blizzard like conditions!  Now this was going on just right before the  rush hour traffic began, and the temperatures where beginning to drop too.  Ut-ohhhh, before we knew it, the streets, and especially the overpass's where beginning to form Black Ice!  The worst of the worst!!!  DH and I where out on a couple of errands while those temps where dropping.  When I took a shortcut home, through a parkway, behind the Hospital, and when I came upon a stretch over the creek, I told DH that my car was sliding!  I had no idea what was going on because the other roads I had just traveled where either just wet or with all the traffic driving on them, had already dried the roads up!  I sure was a little spooked, after this happened.  But, we made it home just fine.  I turned the new's on as soon as I walked in the door and sure enough, there where lots and lots of fender-bender's happening all over.  One had as many as ten car's involved.  The City sent the salt trucks out-but I personally think it was a little too late!  If they had known the temps where going to drop back into the 20's, and knowing hundreds and hundreds of car's would soon be out on the roadways, it might of been smarter of them to have pre-salted and saved a lot of people a lot of headaches.  I sure hope their much better prepared the rest of the Winter Season!

As we where leaving for our errands and I seen the flurries coming down, it was just too pretty.  I whipped out my camera and took a few photo's~now don't laugh as it was not a lot of snow, but the first that stuck to anything, of the Season.  So, here are those photo's...




See, not much to really write home about, but that's okay too.  At least we did not need to shovel it!

Here is what the sky looked like by the time we had reached the grocery store~it was very awesome!



Here are a couple of photo's of the kitty girls playing around with a box we had brought in.  They love hopping inside of them, no matter how big nor how small!  This one however was pretty purr-fect for the both of them.  LOL




I have been stitching away on the PS November Sampler and am getting closer to having the main stitching done.  Then I will have the boarder left to do afterwards.  I really like the fact that there isn't any backstitching to this design.  LOL  Not that I really mind doing the backstitching, but without it, I will be finished with this design all that much sooner.  And of course that can only mean that it will be time to start on something new again.  LOL  I wonder what that might be, too???  Haven't really thought about it too much lately but will decide before I'm finished with the PS design. 

I do hope your having a wonderful week.  Thank you kindly for visiting my Blog and for your comments.  They are much appreciated.



  1. Glad that it hasn't snowed here yet. It's getting cold enough, but I don't want it to.

    BTW, you've been tagged. :) Check out my blog for the rules.

  2. Don't you just love to see some snow on the ground? Pretty! We had the thread of flurries, but not much else. Adorable kittehs!

  3. Cats are so easily amused. They really look as though thay are having a blast!

  4. Snow may look lovely but its a pain on the roads. In the UK if it snows the whole of the country stops.... we're just not prepared!!