23 November, 2008

Care to Happy Dance with me?

It was getting fairly late, Friday evening~actually, it was already early,  Saturday morning~that I put the last of the stitching into PS "November Sampler".   So, I'm dancing around the house with a Happy little smile on my face, and glee in my heart.  It was too late after I finished the design to want to haul out the iron and press it before it's photo shoot, so the very first thing I did this morning was to get it ironed and then snapped a couple of pictures.  This is my Second Prairie Schooler thus far~and I just love everything about it.  Especially all the Fall color's throughout it. 

Finished PS November Sampler-11-21-08

I sat down this afternoon, going through patterns, trying to decide just WHAT it was that I wanted to get started on next.  It was a toss-up between two designs~and the one I picked is by Blackbird Designs, called "America The Beautiful".  Just in case it doesn't ring any bell's, here is the sites photo of it...


Once the kitchen was cleaned up from supper, (homemade taco's) I sat right down and started this lovely design.  I had to hunt down a few of the over-dyed threads but for the most part, had what was needed, with the leaflet.  Once upon a time, I loved kitting pattern's up but somewhere a long the way, lost my desire to keep up with that.  I had to haul out the bin of hand-dyed fabbies and find just what I wanted to use for this one.  I picked a piece of fabric from Silkweaver in 16 count.  I think I'll be happy with my choice but it will take a little bit more stitching to really know.

Mommy of Triplets shared some pictures with me on Friday and ohhhh gosh, did this Grandma ever love those!  The girls are now 9, almost 10 months old and are sitting up by themselves, holding their own bottle, just doing so many things~except for cutting those toofer's!!!  Oh my, my, my!  I keep telling them that after they do get their teeth, there is lot's of different foods out there just waiting to be tried by them.  Mommy say's that today for lunch, Piper did not like the Turkey and Rice they where getting!  And if I heard her correctly, she mixed some fruit in with it and then Piper ate it just fine!  LOL  Plus, she put it all in a bowl so Piper couldn't see the jar~as she's a smarty, and knows just WHERE that turkey and rice was coming from.  Well, the good new's is that she at least ate her lunch.  But for a moment there, mommy wasn't too happy with her, not wanting it.  LOL

Here is one of my favorite, newest, photo's of the Triplets.  They where all in Piper's crib and mommy say's she put them this way~that they didn't figure it out on their own. 

piper macie and lydia-by the way-mommy put them like this

Isn't this just too sweet?  I LOVE it!  And, I'm hoping it will print out nicely for me as a 8 x 10" size so that after it's framed, I can hang it on the wall.  It's one of those pictures that you just can't help smiling at.

I hope that everyone is having a most wonderful weekend.  Thank you for taking a moment to read my Blog.  It's so much appreciated.



  1. Congratulations on the finish it looks wonderful.

    Those angels are too cute.(triplets)

  2. Sharon, I just love reading your blog. Your PS finish is so charming, I love the fox and the owl in it. I am too impatient to stitch the houses in these types of designs or else I would have wanted to stitch tons of the PSs. Your new start looks enjoyable too, can't wait to see a progress pic, I love the fabric you chose.

    I wonder how your daughter does it with 3 babies. My daughter just had my first grandson and she is struggling with the one, I babysat for him the other day and 1 baby alone is a lot of work. The photo there of the 3 of them behind bars is truly adorable. What a great one to frame and treasure throughout the years.

  3. Happy dancing here in Illinois with you.
    The PS is awesome, I love that little fox leaping.
    Your family I bet is sure busy with those cute little kiddies.
    My GD is 16 months and she is a handful at that age.

  4. Oh, the finish is beautiful! I love PS too. I also have that flag design you have! It's so cool. The colors are great. Those three babies are too sweet!

  5. Nice finish!
    Those babies are just too cute! I hope you can get a good print - would make a nice wallpaper on the computer too!