16 November, 2008

Been Missing In Action, Haven't I !!!

Good Sunday morning all of my fellow Blogger's!  I do hope that this entry is going to find you all feeling well, and that you've been able to get lot's and lot's of stitching time in too.  I know that the next couple of months are going to be busy one's for everyone with Thanksgiving almost upon us and then Christmas soon to follow. 

My house is still decorated for Halloween and will probably stay that way until I'm ready to bring out the Christmas decoration's.  Christmas has always been my favorite to decorate for but I barely bring out what I once did.  Everything just seemed to change once the girls left home and then within a couple of years of that, we lost my mom to Cancer and then my father~within five months of each other.  In fact, this Christmas Day will be eight year's since my father passed.  It use to be such a happy family time for everyone, but things just are not the same anymore!  With mommy of Triplets, as well as the Triplets gone away...like 16 hours from us, the upcoming Holiday's are just that more empty.  Being that they are our first and our only Grandchildren, it hurts so much to not be with them and share all of their "first" with them.  Boo Hoo  Okay, enough of my little pity party here...shall we move onto something else now?  Sounds good to me.  smile_teeth

I have been stitching on a Prairie Schooler design since finishing SB's Little Witch.  I love Fall so much, all of the brilliant color of reds, oranges and yellow's, that I decided to stitch their Thanksgiving Sampler.  I am however not real thrilled with myself as I had made a "mistake", miscounting by one stitch...and that sort of threw things off but yet, I think everything looks just fine...just not proportioned as it should be though.  LOL  The only one here that will know the difference is me so no big deal.  I was not going to let the Frog bother me, I'm just not in the mood for him this week!  So there!  My finish will just be a little more unique than someone else's.  LOL  Here is a photo of my progress on this piece.

PS Thanksgiving Sampler progress 11-16-08

And here is my finish, minus the little button, of Little Witch.

Finished Little Witch by SB-1

As you can see, I dropped the bottom two row's on this one as I like it just fine this way. 

DH finally got "his" Halloween cake too...a little late, but just the same, he's been enjoying it.  This was one of the special Holiday mixes they put out every year, nothing super fancy but just something a bit different than the ordinary.  LOL

Halloween Cake 10-08

I've been having fun still, with the Digital Scrapbooking (as if you couldn't tell by my Little Witch finish).  Here is a very simple one of our little darling's...


Take notice to Ms Piper's hair on this one!  Daddy was giving her a bath and apparently her hair started to curl after it got wet.  So he got it wet again but this time used the blow-dryer on it, and this is the results of her new style, compliments of daddy.  Tee Hee

daddy loves piper

I sooooo remember when our youngest DD's hair did this when she was probably about the same age as Piper is now.  Only it did it all on it's own.  My dad got the biggest kick out of that, and was probably always his favorite picture of her.

I just love how this one of the Triplet's turned out.  I even printed it out and framed it.  heart

girls-oh so pretty

trick or treat girls 2008

Here are Lydia, Macie and Piper.  They where getting ready to go to a big Family reunion this day. 

girls fall

And here are just the identical twin's by themselves.

lydia and macie Boo

Alrighty then, it's time for me to get up and get some laundry sorted so that I can get started on that.  I think I'll sit and stitch a bit too while I watch the Packer's game this afternoon.  It should be a good one as they'll be playing the Chicago Bear's today.  A rival of our's for year's and year's now.  LOL  GO PACK GO!!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday, and as always, Thank you for taking the time to read/look at my Blog.  That really does mean a lot to me, and I so appreciate it.



  1. I see some great stitching in there and lots of great scrapbooking, you are so very creative and inspiring. I hope that you will find renewed joy in Christmastime with your new granddaughters.

  2. I'm sorry you can't be with your grandchildren for Christmas! I am of the sandwich generation...an "older" mom with still quite young children, lost both my parents in the last few years, an only child myself, and even with my kids, I'm still trying to "refind" the Christmas spirit...haven't found what we need to do to get back in the spirit. DH's family is another story....anyway, sorry to babble...
    I'm a fellow cross-stitcher by the way.
    Nova Scotia

  3. Great pics! I dropped the last two rows on Little Witch too, lol! Nice job! The other Halloween piece is gorgeous! Which one is it?

  4. Very nice stitching. No one will know about your mistake, but you. Keep up the good work.

    Love your photo scrapbooking with the triplets. Such cute pictures. Love the new hairstyle.

    Your blog design and colors are very nice too.