11 October, 2008

Indian Summer Is Here

It has been so absolutely beautiful these past two days, weather wise.  Warmer temperatures, loads of sunshine and a nice breeze to wrap it all up.  According to the Weatherman, Saturday and Sunday will bring us much of the same, with it getting very close to 80* on Sunday.  And then, of course, the bottom falls out earlier next week and we go back to reality when the highs will only reach the 50's.  Well, we knew it was coming~cold weather that is~Fall never ever last long enough for me!  I always dread the long, long Winter that follows.  Ick to ton's of Snow and double Ick to ice slicked walks and roads!!! 

I haven't any finished stitchery to share just yet, possibly in a couple to three day's though.  I've been working on LHN "City Stitcher, Country Stitcher", and what fun this one has been.  I'm using a piece of hand-dyed 14 count Aida called "Fun Stuff".  It's so beautiful, and I can only hope that when I take a picture of it, the digital will do it justice.

Today DH and I spent the day out tracking down some of the Fall foliage and snapping pictures.  We went from one end of town to the other.  LOL  I found some awesomely awesome color's, as well as some cute Halloween displays in people's yards.  Golly, I sure loved that just as much as looking for the Fall color's.  Here are some photo's of the decorated yards we found...

october 10, 2008 023-1

october 10, 2008 024-1

october 10, 2008 026-1

october 10, 2008 058-1

october 10, 2008 059-1

october 10, 2008 062-1

october 10, 2008 060

october 10, 2008 076-1

october 10, 2008 077-1

We've driven past this house in the evening, while dark outside, and this is what this house looks like lit up then...



I'm hoping that sometime on Saturday, I'll get upstairs to dig out the Halloween Decoration's and get the inside of the house ready for the Holiday.  In between stopping for pictures today, we stopped at a couple of stores and I found lot's of new table types of decorations to add to what I've already got here.  I haven't decorated for Halloween in a few year's now, so I'm really looking forward to it this year.  DH and I need some perking up!  A festive home might just do the trick? 

On that note, I think I'll wrap this up for now.  I do hope you'll enjoy looking at the photo's.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my last post/pictures.  I appreciate it so much.

Have a super weekend!


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  1. Love the Halloween photos! That looks like such a nice neighborhood you live in--the homes are adorable!