04 October, 2008

Happy Sunny Saturday

It looks so absolutely beautiful outside today~the sun is shinning and we're suppose to get up to 60* by later this afternoon. But then, overnight we'll be down into the 40's. Oh yes, I do believe that Fall is here. There was even a Frost warning posted Friday night, which at first wasn't suppose to include our area, but eventually it did. Now THAT'S cold! I could see my breath this morning when I went out with Bailey. Ohhhhh Noooooo~time to start bringing out the Winter cloth's, for sure. smile_omg

We did go out and about on Friday afternoon, looking for some of those brilliant Fall color's. Although we found a good handful, I was disappointed that there wasn't more yet. Hmmmmp, I recon we'll need to go out again next week then! Geeeh-whizzzz anyhow. LOL I so love taking pictures though, that we'll even find ourselves out in the heart of Winter to take them. Here are some photo's of what we did find yesterday~the pictures really won't do those awesome color's justice though, they are so much prettier in person.




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We also happened to drive past one of my favorite house's, and, it was decorated for Fall. Oh my, I was in my glory! I've shared this house before, "dressed" for the summer months, so here it is now for Fall...




We also stopped at the Lake for a few~there's not always a lot happening here, but then again as I told DH~you never know WHAT you'll find going on next! No sooner did we pull up, when a Bus of people pulled up and they all started to scramble out onto the grass. At first, I'd only seen the "guys", and we thought that maybe it was a Homecoming event but when the "ladies" followed, and one of them was dressed all in white and with a veil, our common sense's said....it's a wedding. LOL Definitely one of those Kodak moments...so I started to snap a few. And yupper's, I'm going to share those with you. I loved their photographer, I kept telling DH that the couple was going to have some very awesome pictures, providing they all turn out. Here is the photographer...


And one of the group that was there....


and here is one where I got caught by the Bride...


See her, looking straight at my camera? Oh, I felt about ten inches tall when she caught me! She turned to her friend and had to of said...that lady just took my picture because sure enough, she turned and looked at me then. Well, they didn't holler at me nor did they come over and tell me to hand over the camera~so I don't think she was too upset with me. LOL I just wanted to get a shot of her all dressed in everyone else's jackets! That's all, it was pretty innocent. Tee Hee

Caught this photo of their bus/shuttle~whatever you want to call it. It was behind me and going up the Hill to exit the area where we where, so I zoomed in and took the photo from my driver's side mirror. LOL


Here are a few other shot's I snapped while at the Lake...







I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their comments on my previous post. Those really do mean a lot to me.

Have a most wonderful day!



  1. pretty autumn pictures - i love that house - there's a flat in our town centre where the owner always dresses her windows with teddy bears and dolls but always seasonal, so cute - i love walking by and seeing what's new ... I'm sure the bride didn't mind you taking her picture, when i got married it was actually in a musuem so we had loads of tourists hanging around and because some of our party were in kilts they were taking photos - it was all a good laugh..

  2. Love all your photographs. You are so good to take nice landscape pictures. That bride should have been pleased that others were taking her picture.

  3. Sharon, I love the photos! I was in another world for a few minutes!