13 October, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

fall2001blnk7 I hope every one had a wonderful weekend.  To some, they sure do come and go so fast, don't they?  Since neither DH or I work outside the home, everyday is pretty much a "weekend" at our house.  LOL  I sure do hope you're making the best of what nice weather we have left before Mr. Winter set's in for a spell.  The temps have been above normal for us~but that will all change this evening when a Cold Front moves in and settles with us.  It will also bring some rain with it, so there goes all the pretty Fall leafs still left in the tree's.  They are bound to come crashing down at a quicker pace now.  I always wish that Fall would last just a little longer than it does.

Tammy, I'd like to thank you for your comment on the Halloween photo's.  I just wish you could see these decorations in person as they are so much prettier than what the pictures show.  And, speaking of decorations, I finally dug our's out on Saturday and spread some Halloween cheer throughout the house.  I haven't decorated in a few year's, and I had forgotten some of what I had.  I haven't anything too fancy, but just the same, we enjoy it all.  Here are a few photo's for you to look at.  I hope you enjoy these, too.



diningroom table


  microwave stand


coffee table

scarecrow I made






stand in livingroom

end table

diningroom stand

on tv stand in kitchen



Witch mom painted

ontop little countertop oven


I do have a set of Pumpkin Lights that I'd like to string along the top of the double french door's in the living room.  Other than that, I think I'm done.  Halloween has always been one of my favorite Holidays.  I think it's the color thing that grabs my attention so much.  moon

I was able to get some stitching time in this weekend, but not enough to finish my LHN piece.  So, a grand finish is still a few days away.  On Sunday, I rummaged through other patterns in my stash, trying to decide if there wasn't something there that I wanted to stitch next, over other's I've already picked for my next few projects.  I did come across a SB kit, "Little Witch", that sparked my interest.   I've seen a couple of you working on this one, and I think she is absolutely gorgeous.  So, I may start her next. 


The moon was so beautiful Sunday evening, I couldn't resist snapping a few photo's of it.  Here are a handful of those.

Moon 060

Moon 002


Moon 015


Moon 096


 Moon 167

This pretty much wraps up my weekend.  I think I'll be off to stitch for a bit, until it's time for supper.  Just left-over's tonight, a sausage casserole I made on Sunday.  So, it'll be an easy one for me.

Have a most wonderful week.

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  1. Oh yes, start the Little Witch! I'm doing her right now--love it! The fabric is so neat. Love your photos--the decorations are great and the moon is so lovely, isn't it?