20 October, 2008

A Finish and Some Fall Colors

Once again, the past few days have been so very awesome, weather wise.  Probably the last we'll see for a while now too.  The Fall color's have been so very beautiful, and again, we went out hunting them down so that I could take pictures.  I'll share some of those with you in a moment.  First, let me share my LHN "City Stitcher Country Stitcher" finish.  I really do love how this one turned out, on the fabric of choice.  I used a piece of 14 ct Aida called Fun Stuff which I had ordered quite a while ago on Ebay.  I stitched it with the called for DMC color's and just adore the way they all came together. 


Sometime tomorrow, I'll decide on my next stitchy piece.  I'm sorta leaning towards SB Little Witch.  But we'll see.

As you look at the next Fall photo's, you'll notice that they where taken in a Cemetery.  I sure do hope that no one is bothered by that!  I have found over the past two year's, that this particular Cemetery has the most brilliant and vibrant color's.  Being that we live in the City, and I'm really not a traveler, to be able to go visit places out in the country where I know the Fall colors are just as awesome...we have to do the best in finding what we can around here.  I'm alright with that though. 











On Saturday, DD of Triplets sent photo's and video's online, for Grandma and Grandpa.  I loved each and every one of them, as I always do...but there was one video in particular that I just kept playing over and over and over again.  It was of Lydia, and in it, she says "daddy da da" as clear as can be.  The smile on my face was so huge to hear/see her talk!!!!!!!    That video clip is just priceless!  Now a few weeks ago, their mommy called me, and on the phone, I was able to hear her little sister Piper say "da da da da da".  She was upset because she was sitting on mommies lap, and just blurted it out!  Now we just wait for Macie to say something similar.  smile_teeth    The girls pretty much follow closely with one another~when one does something new, its just a matter of time before the next one is doing it.  And then the next one is doing it too.  They are sooooooo precious.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog.  I so appreciate it, as well as the comments. 

Have a most wonderful week!



  1. Congrats on the finish! Looks great!

  2. Your LHN finish is really cute!

    Thanks for sharing the fall photos, visiting your blog is always like a mini vacation.

  3. Oh! I love the LHN finish and the fabby is beautiful.
    Awesome photo's

  4. First of all, your LHN came out gorgeous on that fabby! Second, I bet that video of the kids was too cute, and thirdly, the cemetary shots are beautiful!!!