02 October, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

This is my absolute favorite time of the year! I love the crispness in the air, and all of the glorious color's that nature brings us, there's nothing prettier than to see such an array of orange, red, and yellow. Our Fall days have pretty much been filled with overcast/dreary/gloomy kind of days, which doesn't allow me to go out venturing and take pictures of the color Anabel-n-Leaveschanges. We've basically just had peeks of the Sun here and there. I'm so hoping for a bright sun shinny filled day so that my camera and I can get out there and snap away. We'll reach our color peek in a couple of weeks, and by then, we'll have plenty of bare tree's, all set for another long Winter.

I found the kitty girls sitting at one of the kitchen windows this morning. There's nothing odd about that because it's one of their favorite things to do. However, since it was a chilly morning, I only had that window opened up just so far and Sophie, the little character that she is, decided she wanted a much better view of the outside world and decided to squeeze herself underneath and to the outside part of the window. It was one of those moments where "you had to be there", as it was pretty much on the comical side. Of course I ran and got my camera-with hopes they'd still be at the window by the time I got back, and got a couple of pictures. I "dressed" up one of my favorites with a frame, and what could be more appropriate than a Halloween theme? So, here are the little sweeties, today...

halloween kitty girls 10-01-08

Sophie and Roxy

I'm getting ready to do a Happy Dance, this week. I'm very close to having a finish! Woooohooo! If I hadn't of been on this computer all of this morning, I may of had a finish to share this evening. Maybe that will happen on Thursday though. We shall see-I'm giving you fair warning though so you can dust off your "pretties" and Happy Dance with me. I had picked another Little House Needlework's design as my next stitchy piece. It's a fairly new one, called "Home of a Needleworker" (Too!). And here is a photo of the design...


I did not go with the called for threads though. So mine is going to look a bit different. Just the same, I really do like how it's turning out. All that's left to stitch is the brown boarders and the blue design underneath the word Needleworker. I've already picked out my next several designs, and all three happen to be more LHN designs! I so love Diane's designs, and I'm finally going to have lot's of them hanging on my walls. smile_wink

I hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Cute little kitties! I love fall too--it's the best time of the year truly. I love that design and will of course, have to have it, lol. I can't wait to see a pic of your progress!

  2. Nice picture of the kitties. Cats are so inquisitive that they can get themselves in lots of fixes. She is really wedged in there. LOL.