25 October, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

Welcome to a very blustery Saturday, in our neighborhood.  You'd better hang on to whatever you can when you walk out the door or else you may just get blown over!  I'm not sure just what the wind is up to right now, but by Sunday, I heard it said they'll be at 30-45 mph and gusts even higher.  And even more good news...NOT...by Sunday afternoon, the highs will drop down into the low 30's.  Can we say Brrrrrrrrrrr?  And...oh yes, we're not finished yet...their calling for snow flurries!  Oh my oh my, I think Winter may be well on it's way. 

Our week didn't really start off on a good note, as early Tuesday morning (21st) we found out that one of my cousin's had lost his 24 year old daughter to a hit and run accident.  She herself, has an 8 year old daughter, who is now left without her precious mommy.  And, the driver that hit her, has not yet been found.  Kristin, rest in peace.


I've not done a whole lot of stitching this week.  However, I did get off to a good start on SB "Little Witch".  I pretty much have her stitched at this point, then will move on and work on the rest of the design.  I have to say that working with silks is really awesome, it's the first time I'm using them, and just love how the thread glides through the fabric.  I wouldn't ever hesitate to use them again.  Although I understand that to buy them, they are on the expensive side.  That sure does explain why the SB kit's are more on the expensive side. 

My reason for not stitching much this week is that I've found yet something else that's caught my attention and has taken up lot's of free time.  But, I'm having fun with it, I just need to back off a little bit though or nothing else will get done around here.  LOL  But, it's so addicting!!!  LOL  My latest adventure is Digital Scrapbooking.  I don't know if you've tried this or not, but gosh, you must!  I'm such a photograph nut (as if you haven't already figured that out), and I have hundreds and hundreds of photo's of the Triplets, pet's and family member's, that it's so much fun now to do something special or fun with these photo's.  I found one online site that is very awesome.  After you register with them and become a member, all for free I might add, you can download loads of templates, again for free!  You're given space at this site for a Blog, other scrapper's can vote on your pages/books, and so forth.  If you might be interested in the site's URL, just let me know and I'd be happy to share it with you.

Now please don't roll your eye's, as I'm about to share a few pages that I've made.  Mind you, nothing real fancy yet, as I am still learning.  When I grow up, I hope to Digital Scrapbook just as nicely though as some of the more experienced scrapper's out there.  smile_wink


new year

sun and sand

piper 4

piper thru the eyes

Just some background changes on these, with the original's that I made...


sun and sand2

macie autumn

Now on another note, have you all seen the newest to Sue Hillis Santa, to go with the yearly collection?  I caught a glimpse of it the other day, and oh yes, it's a must have for this stitcher.  I just love it!  This is called simply Cookie Santa.


I do hope everyone is having a most wonderful weekend.  Stay warm, and get lot's of stitching time in!  Thank you kindly for your comments and for taking the time to read my Blog.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss, how horrible.

    Your scrapbook images are very creative and beautiful.

  2. You have been busy digital scrapbooking - it's a great idea.
    Sorry to hear about your family tragedy, very sad.
    Hope you don't get blown away! keep warm!

  3. Your scrapbooking looks great. Good way to use the many wonderful photos you take. My neighbor has been doing some of that. She has a new granddaughter and was doing some pictures up for that. Yours look great and I know everyone will enjoy them.

    Sorry to hear of your loss.