03 October, 2008

Are You Ready?

To do WHAT, you say???  Well, how about that Happy Dance I promised a couple of days ago?  I'm pleased to present to you my finished LHN "Home of a Needleworker (Too!)".  I just put the last of the stitching in it not more than ten minutes ago.  smile_teeth  I really do love how this one turned out.  I didn't use the called for Crescent Colors, instead, I picked threads from The Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works.  It was stitched on a piece of 14 count Aida by dreamswithangels called Pale Tan.  I started this on September 26th, so it was a fairly quick stitch.

10-3-08 Finish

Later today, I'll start my next LHN design.  I have picked three of them out, and am not sure which one will be next.  I suppose the determining factor will be...what sort of mood I'm in when I sit down to stitch, but need to gather the supplies up, first. 

Here are a few "cute" photo's of the furry kids that I snapped on Thursday.  You'll see that all three of them are claiming this bed to be their's!  LOL  It's really for Bailey though.  He use to have a proper dog bed, but it needed replacing~and after looking at them at several different pet stores the other day, decided that he could make due with a makeshift bed.  So out came this old comforter.  I believe it's a little outrageous WHAT they want for what seems like fairly simple dog beds!  I'd say the "kids" look pretty much content with this one.  So, I'll save my money! 




The Sun is finally out in all of it's glory today~I didn't know that was suppose to happen, I thought I heard it was going to be cloudy all day.  It's absolutely wonderful to see it though, and now I think that I will be off and out the door to go hunting down some of the Fall color's, and take some pictures.  WooHoo!  One of my most favorite things to do.

Have a most fantastic weekend!

I hope it's filled with loads of stitching time for you.



  1. Your new LHN finish is just lovely! Your fur babies are so adorable and they look quite cozy.

    Thank you for your recent comments on my blog, they brightened my day as always.

  2. It looks great!
    I've got that one in my stash to stitch too. So many charts, so little time.

  3. Ohhhh, beautiful finish! I think your thread substitutions turned out wonderfully.