26 September, 2008

Testing out Window's Live Writer

I had read some info this morning on being able to use Windows Live Writer, with Blogger.  The part that interested me most had to do with pictures added to my Blog, and why they didn't click bigger when the pictures where clicked on.  Apparently, in Blogger, once you've added a photo to your post and have moved it around with in the post, you're breaking the code.  After much reading on this, I found that there are way's around this though and when I tried one of those, it definitely worked.  But I'm always open to other ideas too so when I read about Live Writer, I just had to give it a try.  LOL  What is so neat about it too, is that once you've finished writing an entry, it will post directly to your Blog.  That sure does sound simple enough, doesn't it?  And you also have the option to work on your Blog offline. 

So basically, this is a Test for myself.  I'm going to add a photo now, then publish this post and see what happens.


See, the ultra nice thing about Live Writer, is that a picture will post where ever your cursor is.  I'm going to insert a graphic now, in the middle halloween_miscellaneous_10of this paragraph. 

Ready, set gooooooooo~am going to post this now and see what happens.


Wow, that was very nice, I'm impressed! I see that you can add pluggin's to Live Writer also. But of course, I did that. LOL  This is suppose to make photo's look more like a polaroid picture so guess what?  Yup, I'm going to test that out now.

Ohhh yes, I do like this!  You can add text to the polaroid, and in any color, font size and style you want!  You can tilt your photo to either direction and you can add corners to it too. Wow!  Isn't it nice to have option's in life?!?!? 

Have a wonderful Friday and a GREAT weekend!



  1. Very interesting. You are really learning a lot about how to do your blogging better. Great job. Will be watching your blog to see what new things you incorporate. Good job.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    Wow! This looks like fun. I'm
    always looking for new ways to
    make my blog more interesting
    visual for the people who visit.
    I'll have to see if I can make
    use of this function too.

    Congrats on your finish of the
    Prairie Schooler Village Sampler.
    It looks amazing, and I can't
    wait to see how it will look when

    And the finish of LHN Moon and
    Stars looks fantastic too. I
    love the fabric colour you used
    to stitch it on. It's got a
    sweet verse too.

    Oh, you're so naughty dressing
    up Bailey as a witch in that photo.
    But it is soooo cute! The things
    that we do to our furbabies! Lol!

    I love the graphics that you use
    on your blog too. And I need to
    find out how to use blinkies. I
    love them, but can't figure out
    how to add them onto my blog.
    I'm not too swift when it comes
    to using the computer. It's mostly
    trial and error...with a lot of


  3. I'm gonna have to check that out!