25 September, 2008

Oh Boy, This Is Fun!

Well, did I grab your attention with my subject line? Betcha' wondering WHAT on earth is FUN, right? Hang on while I tell you all about my latest toy~which happen's to be some software for the computer. Okay, quit rolling your eye's!!!!! LOL You see, in July, I bought a new computer and with it came the OS "Vista". Come to find out once I tried installing some of my Windows XP software, that~it ain't gonna work!!!! Darn! Darn! Darn! There was some photo editing software that I loved and used a lot but the only way that I was going to be able to use it now was if I upgraded to a newer version. Phooey!!! The other evening after DH and I went out for dinner, it was early still, and there happened to be a "Office Max" store right there in the same parking lot as the resturant~WOW~so I said we where going over there as I wanted to check out some software. Of course, DH NOT being into computer's~didn't sound too excited, but agreed to go. I'm so lucky, huh? Tee Hee I looked over several, several different programs, and of course, the nicest of them had price tags of "An arm and a leg"!!! One could go hog-wild, if not careful! I kept my witt's/senses about me and settled on one shy of a hundred buck-a-rooh's. The software is called "Photo Impact Pro 13". I have been having so much fun with it ever since~and am happy to say that it does everything I was looking for, plus I'm finding loads of extra's as I go along. So all in all, I think I got a fairly good program, and am really happy with it. I've been working with pictures of the Triplet's, and today, I dressed a photo of Bailey up, for the upcoming Halloween Holiday. Here it is~and with a message.....

Doesn't he just make a cute little doggy Witch? LOL If only he knew WHAT momma was up to, I don't think he'd be very happy with me.

Alright then, now that that's out of the way, would you like to see something else? I put the last of my "star's" into my LHN piece this morning so now it's complete and ready to be framed. I love this design! I used the called for CC threads to stitch it. So without further delay, here is my finish...

Just as soon as I've finished up this entry into my Blog, I'm going to go snooping around some kit's and pattern's to see what strikes my fancy, to stitch next. The day is young still so I'll have plenty of time to start my next stitch, whatever that might be.

I sure would like to thank everyone who commented on my PS "Village Sampler" finish. You are so kind, and know how to make one feel good.

Enjoy the remainder of this Thursday.

And Happy Stitching to All!


  1. Your LHN piece is darling and your photo editing came out oh so cute!

  2. Wow, you finished that up fast. Nice job. You are adventuresome in working with computer software. I am a little tentative in working with new things like that.