13 September, 2008

I'm Getting There, and As Per Usual...

you'll see that I did not iron this piece before I took a photo of my progress. I know, I know, I'm bad!!! I say the digital just picks up too much detail, that it really does look much nicer than this in person. Really, it does. *smile* I have the second to the last house underway, which you don't see here, after the last house, all that's left is the boarder. This will be my first stitched Prairie Schooler, after collecting their design's for what seem's like forever now. I'm so thrilled with myself that at least ONE of their designs have been stitched by me~and I do hope to stitch even more of them. Thank you for taking a peek at my progress.

Onto other things now~DH and I celebrate our 33rd Anniversary today. Wow! Is it really thirty three year's already?!?! Where oh where has all that time gone to? We don't have anything special planned, to celebrate it, it'll just pretty much be another day around here for us. Ho Hum I don't mind though, I just enjoy my quiet time at home where I can stitch, take a nap or do whatever else it is that I feel like doing.

I also celebrated another Birthday, on Friday. Whoopee! Yah, right, at my age, it's hardly anything to get excited about anymore. LOL I'm always thrilled to pieces, and thankful to have made it to another birthday, another year...I just hate getting OLDER! Don't we all though. To be quite honest, I don't feel like a fifty something or another~however, my body will sometimes tend to think otherwise! I would have to say that the highlight of my day came when I sat down at the computer and in my Email where birthday greetings, with pictures, from each of the Triplets. Awwww, that just made my day. Oh, there where a good handful of video's too! P was talking, L was rolling over and M was just being as sweet as can be. I called DD and told her, after I looked at everything, that she needed to come over and crack the smile off my face. I was just grinning from ear to ear. I miss those girls soooooooo very much!!! I hate that they live so far from us. But, I look forward to the day they come home to visit...that keeps me going.

I have been watching lot's of coverage on Ike and hoping that everyone is safe from this Hurricane! I can't even imagine living through something like this, how devastating it has got to be! So far there has been extreme strong winds, lots of rain and several, several fires. I think everyone is just waiting for Daylight, and for the back end of the storm, to be able to go out and about and see what sort of damage has been done. There are so many without power, and it appear's it could be a couple of weeks before it get's restored again. They say that linemen are prepared to make the trip from all over, to come in and assist with this. My heart and Prayer's go out to everyone who have been touched by Ike.

I also followed much of the 911 seventh anniversary coverage. My heart still feels so very heavy for those who had lost loved ones, and for the life that was taken that day. Never ever, could I ever imagine, that anything as horrific as that day was, could ever happen. We just always seemed to be so safe from such things. And I can remember as the girls where growing up, assuring them that nothing like this could ever happen! The world certainly has changed since that day! Life as we knew it, can never be the same again. I Pray for our Troop's, and for this Country. And most of all, I Pray for those whom died that day. We will NEVER forget.

Have a super weekend, everyone!


  1. Hi Sharon,

    This is my first visit to
    your blog and I am in awe!
    Your stitching is amazing,
    just amazing. I loved seeing
    the walls full of your framed
    pieces, with so many different
    designs and styles. It very
    inspiring to see, and I also
    see that you frame your own
    stuff. That's wonderful!!

    Your little granddaughters are
    simply adorable too! Our
    neighbour's daughter had
    triplets last October and it
    was very exciting. Can't
    believe they'll be a year old
    soon. Where does the time go?

    Your furbabies are sweet.
    Mustn't leave them out of my

    I hope you and your hubby have
    a wonderful anniversary together
    and wish you both much joy and
    happiness for the next 33 years!


  2. Love your PS Village!!! Will you tell us which designs you used?