01 September, 2008

Happy 105th Birthday, Harley Davidson!

photo from HD's 100th Birthday
Celebration~where over 250,000 people celebrated

Gosh ohhhhh golly, it's been quite a week, almost two~with everyone getting hyped over HD's 105th Birthday Celebration! Since we are the birth place to this awesome "cycle-chopper-bike-hog", we've had people come in from all over the Country to join in the fun and festivities~and meet other Harley owner's. On Saturday, a huge parade of over 75 hundred "owner's" took part in this amazing adventure. What an awesome sight to behold~bikes of all shapes, sizes, color. The roar of their engines had to be unbelievable for anyone standing along the parade route! I myself did not venture out for the parade, but watched it on TV instead. They all started out at "MillerPark"...home of the "Brewer's" and ended at the Summerfest grounds, right on the Lake. That evening, they where all treated to a concert by none other than "The Boss", Bruce Springsteen. From the live shot's they showed on the ten o'clock local new's, I would say the crowd was one of the BIGGEST I have ever seen.

As the weekend winds down, our out of town visiter's headed out for their own hometown's again, and when some where interviewed, they said that they would be back for the 110th Birthday celebration. And, as always, we will welcome them with open arms.

On another note now, I framed my LHN and Top Quality Carrots finishes on Sunday, and promptly hung them in the ex-nursery/now spare computer room. It'll take alittle bit of time yet, but eventually I will get this wall filled up. I have a collage wall that I started quite awhile ago, in our bedroom~and have been contemplating taking those down and adding them to this wall. It's nice to have those hanging in our bedroom, but I spend more time in the computer room, printing out pictures of the Triplets and such~so I'd be able to enjoy these other finishes abit more. But then again, it would be alittle more fun, I think, to add new finishes to this wall. So that's probably what I will end up doing~just waiting for new finishes to fill up this wall.

Here's a current photo of the latest collage wall....Thank you for looking!

Enjoy the remainder of your Labor Day holiday weekend!


  1. You certainly have plenty of lovely pictures on your wall.