04 September, 2008

Finally Some Much Needed Rain

It's such a wonderful sight to see the rain falling from up above today. Typically a rainy day isn't so welcomed, for one, it put's a damper on everything outdoor's related and secondly, can alter our moods. But, we very much welcome this~it's been a nice steady and slow variety which mean's the ground is absorbing it rather than if it where a hard and fast rain, where it would simply run off and not do too much good where needed. And believe you me, we NEEDED this. It's been 6-8 weeks since we last saw any rain in our general area! You can just imagine how desperately the lawn's are begging for rain by now. The lawn's everywhere have turned such a ugly shade of brown. But, I'm thinking they will really perk up after this. Wooohooo! Here's what the radar was showing just awhile ago...

I spoke with our DD who just a month and a half ago, moved to NC with her family, and they are getting themselfs ready for HANNA! All indications show that it will make landfall sometime after midnight, Friday or/and Saturday morning. Her DH grew up in NC so he know's all about the Hurricanes, having lived through them already. DD however has never lived through one yet...so this is something new to her, but yet, she doesn't seem to be too worried. I suppose there has been lots of comforting words from DH relatives, to releave any worries she may of had. I'll be saying my Prayer's for all of them, and hope that it won't be as bad as Hurricane's have known to be.

I am so excited to also tell you about my first RAK! I was on the receiveing end of this, from a darling fellow Blogger whom I haven't even known for very long. She kindly offered me my pick of one of three leaflets, and this is what I picked: Prairie Schooler "In The Woods"

Her name is Tracy, at The Passion of My Needle. She is so sweet and very thoughtful. Thank you so very much, Tracy.

I have a small progress picture of my latest stitch, which happen's to also be a Prairie Schooler. This is "Village Sampler". I'm so enjoying this, I love the little white picket fences and blooming flower's. I'm using the called for DMC, and the color's are so perfectly perfect for this, so into the pimitive color's. I picked a piece of 16 ct hand dyed fabbie from Silkweaver's. So far, I think the houses are standing out fairly well on it. The stitching does not look very straight in this photo~but simply because I did not take the time to iron this before taking the picture.
I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday! I'm off now to do alittle bit of stitching and watch Nancy Grace.


  1. You are very welcome, I am glad to have inspired you. I am also glad that you are getting the rain you need there.

    Your PS is looking very nice!

  2. We must be having your share of the rain here in the UK, it has been really wet all week!!
    Stitching is looking good.

  3. Love your PS Village. It is looking so good.